PSA: Fake Battlefield 3 'beta keys' offered

Don't let the excitement of the upcoming Battlefield 3 beta cause a serious error in judgment. Community site BF3blog points out that the "beta keys" on the site BF3nation are a scam -- also noting that the site's owners were also involved in a previous phishing scheme. EA has allegedly been trying to shut down the site, but has so far been unsuccessful.

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_Q_2723d ago

Nice there needs to be a counter for the suckers who fall for it.

ThichQuangDuck2723d ago

I completely forgot about this beta. Really want to get in,but won't fall for a silly scam. I know EA will offer some way for people to get who did not buy medal of honor

Danielmccue2723d ago

Its the only reason i haven't traded in medal of honour yet!

can't wait.