The ongoing saga of Sony's breached networks continues to cause confusion and create questions.

The ongoing saga of Sony's breached networks continues to cause confusion and create questions. Popzara's biggest blowhards analyze the fallout-in-progress in the most complete, most in-depth analysis of Sony's breach of users' trust. Come join the conversation now in progress...

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7SBuzzLightyear7S3341d ago

"Apple has been able to create and maintain a massive 200 million+ device digital empire, storing millions of credit card and personal information data with nary a hitch."

That's because they didn't call out any person or persons of interest. Unlike Sony and its 'legion of fanboys', who continue to out Anonymous as the reason why the PSN has been down for 2 weeks now.

If they had turned their attention to the Sony executives, maybe they could of got something they wanted. Instead, they continue to attack something, that has already admitted to attacking Sony in the past, but has clearly denied the most recent attack.

Anonymous, as an entire group or singling out a handful of people, had nothing to do with taking the PSN down. If one PS3 owner can get that through their head, I don't know why others can't.

Xeoset3341d ago

Very well said.

It's hard to believe people can support such a complete disregard of their safety just because it's for a company "they side with".

The best part is that these are the same bunch that scoffed at Microsoft because the testing they implemented couldn't predict time; the original 360s broke down, on average, at the first year mark.

At least that company took some form of measures to ensure there was at least some form of reliability, not completely ousting basic safety protocols needed for any basic web/network development.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3341d ago

Sony wouldn't have gone after Geohotz if he had kept his hacking exploits to himself and not run all over the internet like a spoiled brat. I see that you two are looking for ways to pin this on Sony to the point you're delusional and have very little evidence to back up your claims.

7SBuzzLightyear7S3341d ago

What do I need to back up? Over 6 weeks ago, there were rumours of Sony's security flaws, floating around the internet.

Sony chose to ignore those. In fact, Sony knew all along that they had a major flaw in their system.

Maybe what Geohot did was bad. What Sony was did was even worse. They wanted the personal information of anyone who visited any site that had anything to do with the PS jailbreak.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3341d ago


So you're going by *rumors*. Good job there./s

yewles13341d ago

"Sony's breach of users' trust."

LMAO!!! Anon's karma disappears off this site, but the Sony bashing contiues to hit the top. XD

jack_burt0n3341d ago

For sure. Its so blatant.

Silly gameAr3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Indeed. It won't end until the network is back up and that will give these people less to talk about. All of these articles are the same anyway, but they are always approved.

Also, notice that it is always the same people spouting the same arguement, and it's usually a shot at Sony and not the people responsible for this mess in the first place. It's really tiring.

cr33ping_death3341d ago

whats with this site lately? i post on an article... click on a different titled article and i see i already posted on it... why are people allowed to reword their submissions? i lost a bubble for claiming a story as duplicate... only to be told later that the article i claimed as duplicate was approved first, but the previous article was up first? how does that happen?

anyways... strong words from a no name site,. i dont feel betrayed by SONY...when was my statement taken by these idiots? never thats when.

Treyb3yond3341d ago

Yup, I noticed anon irc hack story vanished as well.

This site is nothing short of a joke. Xbot paradise.

Brosy3341d ago

Are you blind? This site is a cesspit of Sony loyalists just waiting for a chance to drop to their knees for sony.

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blackburn103341d ago

This nothing but hot air. Anon said they were going to do this and this happened. They had the resourses and the motive to do it. And despite the crippling evidence that shows it is them over NO evidence that it wasn't idiots keep defending them like 7SBuzzLightyear7S who have nothing that proves otherwise. All people like you are good for is to keep insisting things despite proof against it. Do you really think you could go in a court of law and keep saying, 'Anon didn't do it because they said so'?

Please, unless you and everyone else have solid proof besides the word of criminals, be quiet. Anon was stupid to form a group who they don't know who is a part of it. It could be murders and thieves and they wouldn't know. So in short it IS Anon unless someone can prove otherwise. Anything else is speculation.

gcolley3341d ago

guilty until proven innocent. good logic there

DontShoot-Me-Bro3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

The thing that annoys me is not even about what Anon, or whoever it was that breached Sony's security. Like everyone can agree it could happen to any company.

But Sony really dont give 2 sh*ts about they're customers. They dont update us at all, its been 2-3 weeks, last update was 3 days ago. They keep lying over and over, they keep saying 1 thing and then saying another. 1 guy comes on 1 news site and says 1 thing and another guy says another.

Cant imagine what all the casual players who try to log in to PSN for 3 weeks now are thinking, bet most of them have moved on to the 360 for thier COD fix.

cr33ping_death3341d ago

not really..... everyone i know at work who i game with ( casuals, as you put it) know about the hackers, know its some outside dbags screwing with PSN users. I agree that i dislike Sony's same/slow updates, but would you rather here the same thing over and over or let them handle business and get us up and running ASAP. you cant expect SONY to give us a step by step update.

Bell Boy3341d ago

what can they keep saying...seriously

The only news people want is that it is being switched on..

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