Street Fighter III: 3rd Attack Online is back

We heard only the rumors about that title, but now Capcom reaveals some ifnormation about Street Fighter Online.

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kagon012810d ago

While the GGPO version will disappear...

FACTUAL evidence2810d ago

Wow one of the best street fighter games returning! SF4 should of stayed on this route. Not saying sf4 wasn't decent but it felt like a step back to me.

BXbomber2810d ago

ok so i'm playing mvc3,mk,ssf4 (AE soon) and now SF 3rdstrike......anyone else seems a bit overwhelmed with soo many fighters coming out one after another?

KwietStorm2810d ago

Feels like the 90s again, man. It's crazy how SFII basically started the fighting game craze, then revived it again. I noticed the genre get it's legs back after HD Remix dropped, and it seemed like fighter after fighter was getting released throughout 2009. Hasn't slowed down either.

Prototype2810d ago

Not enough fighters in my opinion...

KwietStorm2810d ago

3rd Attack? lol And rumors? It was confirmed months ago when they first showed the SFxTk trailer.