PS2 On its Way Out for Good; EA to Reduce Pricing on Underperforming Sports Games?

While Sony's PS3 continues to struggle, the PS2 has maintained solid hardware sales. Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel, however, thinks the aging console may be "on its way out of the industry for good." In addition, Patel foresees price cuts on EA sports titles due to slower sales. More within...

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Captain Tuttle4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

The PS2 has to's one of the things holding back the PS3.

fenderputty4110d ago

The PS2 does have to go. I don't know if NOW is the right time though. Keeping their fanbase loyal to the PS brand is crucial for Sony at this point in time. Once the PS3 hits a more reasonable pricing point, dropping the PS2 will greatly help the system.

As far as EA is concerned, if they stopped putting out crap, they might have better sales.

Close_Second4110d ago

...that the PS2 was supposed to have a 10 year life cycle which we're still 3 years away from hitting. Certainly there have been many articles posted about the PS3 having 10 years to grace the gaming community.

Lets be honest, a 10 year life-cycle for a consumer electronics device is pure nonsense. The PS3 looks stunning today but in 5-7 years time its really going to look old hat and the PS4 will be well underway.

One way to gain momentum in a next gen war is to pull the plug on last-gen hardware as soon as possible. Microsoft were forced into releasing their 360 early due to a fallout between NVIDIA and MS. However, it meant that the 360 was not competing against the original Xbox for sales and market share.

The PS2 is still a fantastic gaming console given its price point and huge library of (AAA) games. Phasing it out would be really hard to do until the PS3 is in the same consumer space and that Sony was sure that PS2 owners will decide to transition to the PS3 and not the competition. Furthermore, now that the PS3 no longer has BC what choice do gamers have but to stick with their PS2 for now anyway?

bootsielon4110d ago

10 year life cycle is subjective. First... define life cycle. If a console's life cycle means its prime... then each console has had about 6 years or so of life (except the Xbox and gamecube). However, if you define it as "games are still coming out for it", or an even more relaxed definition, "it's still being produced". Hell, I would go so far as to saying "it's still being sold", because a console can cease being produced and still keep selling whatever stock was remaining. So, PS1 had a 6, 8, 10, or 12 years life cycle, depending on how you look at it; hell, you could pretty much say it's still alive on PS3, since its games are also STILL being sold! Being reasonable though, I'd say a console has a life until it has been discontinued at retail stores. Which means PS2 will keep having a life well into 2010 or more when all its games and hardware have hit the bargain bins (and that won't stop until Sony ceases PS2 production). PS2 has yet to hit the 99 price point, and I predict that it'll reach a 69 pricepoint. Or hell, being ridiculous, 49? That would be sweet!

PS3 could have a long lifespan if it manages to survive the current hard times it's going through.

kreetah4110d ago

PS2 has been a stellar console. The Xbox 360 took over 18 months on the market to finally pass PS2 sales back in July of this year (just three months ago)

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bestgamer944110d ago

i thought i was the only thinking the ps2 should go it's really holding back the ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gamesR4fun4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Killing the ps2 ain't gonna help that. I think theres still plenty of room for ps2's has they are still selling strong. Besides stop supporting them and all $ony can do is pray they'll migrate to ps3...

jackfatal4110d ago

i think ps3 price should be the 40 300$ then at that time it will be time for the ps2 to die an honorable slow death!!

we had a great time with ps2 and still i will be playing it for at least another year! there is still too many games i want to play on ps2!!

whateva4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Madden sold more on the PS2 then on the 360 this month.

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