Activision Blizzard reveals hardware sales outlook for 2011

Examiner writes “Activision Blizzard has revealed their outlook on hardware sales for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and handhelds in Europe and North America during the calendar year of 2011.”

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Muerte24943137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Activision, maybe you should just stick to milking the Call of Duty franchise. Your outlook completely contradicts the fact the ps3 has outsold xbox360 for the past 3 years. Well I suppose you would say that simply because around 58% of COD sales come from xbox360. That and Microsoft pays you to provide their system with DLC ahead of Sony's. In reality though, Ps3 has still outsold xbox360 "worldwide" This entire year so far.

blumatt3137d ago

Sadly, as right as you are, it's not the best idea to post that on here because people tend to take away your bubbles if you say stuff like that. lol

But yeah, Activision, please do something better with your time such as taking your time with your CoD games. I wish CoD would come out only every 2 years, with campaign dlc given in the mean time. And map packs too, but they should only cost $5-10, NOT $15.

CoD will sell no matter what, but the fact remains that Battlefield is the better game. Until Activision realizes that, and innovates like EA has with Battlefield, they're going to remain stagnate. Sure, CoD will still sell, but sales don't matter to me, quality does. That's why Black Ops got traded in, and I play games like Battlefield BC2 and Killzone 3, because they're QUALITY games.

Ducky3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

" but the fact remains that Battlefield is the better game. "

... and the fact remains that that's an opinion.

While Acti milks their CoD franchise, EA has been milking DICE with BC2, MoH and now BF3.
They're both (Acti & EA) just as rotten in my books.

gypsygib3136d ago

@ blumatt:

Soooo true about people taking away bubbles for nothing.

I recently wrote a comment that got 18 agrees and only 2 disagrees about CNET being a 360 fanboy site (I'm a 360 owner too) but still somehow managed to lose a bubble for trolling!?

blumatt3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yeah, it's annoying. I used to have all 5 bubbles. But, alas, people took 3 of them in about a week's time.

Armyntt3137d ago

How does this salez game affect you personally? People who argue sales 99% of the time are fanboys. Why do you take offense to someone saying that they expect more sales from the console you dont prefer? Why does it matter to you?

lelo2play3137d ago

"Your outlook completely contradicts the fact the ps3 has outsold xbox360 for the past 3 years"

Activision makes perfect sense with their numbers. They don't count the Japanese market, since they have crap sales in Japan. If you join the European and American market, the X360 has been outselling the PS3. Only when you join the Japanese market, then the PS3 outsells the X360 world wide.

Most European and American developers don't count Japan, since their games hardly sell over there.

Elven63137d ago

They don't count Japan because they don't have a Japanese division anymore IIRC so the Activision titles that release in that region are handled by other publishers like Square Enix with COD.

MostJadedGamer3137d ago

Maybe you need to learn how to read. Those are sales predictions for North America, and Europe only. It does not include Japan a market where the PS3 kills 360. Thats why Activision's outlook has the 360 has the highest selling console this year.

Darkfocus3137d ago

in America the 360's still outselling the ps3 and the UK is about even them putting the 360 at 9 mill and ps3 at 8 hardly seems unreasonable at all...

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shikamaroooo3137d ago

they have ps3 at 31 million what is this 2008 a

lelo2play3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"North America and European installed base as of December 31, 2010"

Darkfocus3137d ago

that's accurate this is Europe and America only....

Pedobear Rocks3137d ago

Well something is wrong then since Japan has not bought 10 million or more PS3...

3137d ago
Hitman07693137d ago

Lookin great! Call of Duty's please, 5 of them.

belal3137d ago

wtf, ps3 is at 39 million ??? didn't sony said that they have crossed 50 million?

Aloren3137d ago

"North America and European installed base "

belal3137d ago

but then, how much is japan? 10 million?

MostJadedGamer3137d ago

"but then, how much is japan? 10 million?"

Other countries have console sales other then just Japan, North America, and Europe.

Resistance_lord3137d ago

Call Of Duty is boring. Make something else..or Release Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 on consoles ;D

belal3137d ago

hell no, diablo is NOT for consoles, they only game i want to stay on pc.

Resistance_lord3137d ago

I thought Diablo was great for a PS1 game :o

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