Indie Scene: Appy 1000mg

Steve Haske writes, "Over the past week I've been playing a lot of indie flash games. I went back and finished Every Day the Same Dream (I didn't realize you could get out of your car), checked out the wonderful Alphaland and dabbled a little bit in the taxing platforming of VVVVVV, to name a few, and the experiences were all positive. Browsing around I stumbled upon an interesting, bite-sized game that's as haunting and horrfic as it is beautiful: the ambiguously titled Appy 1000mg. The game looks like a standard-if-demade platformer starring a vaguely Wall-E-esque creature (robot?) in a colorful and lively world. Aside from the use of a mosaic canvas over its somewhat Cave Story-type aesthetic, the first thing you'll notice is that the game is hardly a standard old-school experience."

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