Rayman Origins Now a Retail Release. 2D Getting the Respect it Deserves?

Jeffrey Matulef writes,"Last year Ubisoft released a trailer for Michel Ancel's latest Rayman game, a 2D platformer called Rayman Origins. It's the first non-Rabbid non-port Rayman since the limbless hero starred in Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge on GBA in 2005. Recently it was announced that Rayman Origins would be a full priced retail release, not the digital download many had expected."

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Corrwin3135d ago

I thought this was meant to be a quick, beautiful all-but indie game of Rayman.

Why are they taking so damn long? The footage from last year looked pretty complete.

nilamo3135d ago

Hell yeah really looking forward to this.

pixelsword3135d ago

I played that game on the Atari Jaguar. One of the few good games on that console. Aliens Versus Predator was one of the best versions out because of the sound effects they put into the characters and the graphics for it's time.

Wolfie3135d ago

Can't wait for this game, looks so much fun Rayman & Globbox = win! :) But honestly, I can't see 2D oldschool platformer as full priced retail title. They should make Rayman 4 as retail title and Rayman Origins as downloadable title.

dragunrising3135d ago

If Ubisoft releases this game as a full retail game they can pretty much expect it to sell like crap. I plan on buying it however I'll be one of the few and proud. Too many gamers fail to see the value in 2D gaming. Making it a downloadable title makes much more sense.

Quagmire3135d ago

I was keen to buy it for $10-$15 on PSN, that wont change whether it sells on disc.

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