IGN UK reviews Clive Barker's Jericho X360

Jericho is a unique and intense addition to the highly competitive FPS market. While it's not the scarefest IGN imagined it would be, Clive Barker's trademark gothic touch is very much in evidence and ensures the game has a wonderfully macabre atmosphere. The character switching gameplay is fantastic too and really helps to create fast-paced shoot outs against some of the nastiest, diguesting enemies IGN have seen in a long time. Indeed, while it's not hugely innovative the character switching does add a fresh dimension to the game, which is refreshing in a genre that's become stagnant over the past few years.

Of course, Jericho isn't without its problems - there's just a bit too much repetition in the level design and the graphics, while decent most of the time, occasionally look a bit brown and bland. But there's no denying Jericho is an action-packed shooter, and one you'll have a lot of fun with if you're after a blast that'll make your blood curdle.

Overall score: 8/10

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MK_Red4020d ago

So unfair. I wanted to post this story. You really need to slow down my friend :)

Cool review and score. Hope it gets higher score from main site.

Bnet3434020d ago

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ParaDise_LosT4020d ago

Can you atleast show alil respect and appreciation.....
This is a user driven site, and the contributors deserve
respect because they do most if not all the work....

BloodySinner4020d ago

Well, he's got a point about getting a job...

MK_Red4020d ago

Well, I'm working 3 jobs now (2 of them part time) yet still get to post news, watch movies and play games and I'm sure TnS has a busy life outside N4G and computer as well.

Why people think that site members and contributers have got to be lifeless? I even know people are married and have children and yet get to surf the net, play games, watch movies and post stuff.

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Close_Second4020d ago its timing. Gamers are still switched onto Halo 3 or are hooking into the Orange Box. Additionally, you have COD4 just around the corner which will kick some serious FPS butt.

bootsielon4020d ago

8 out of 10? That's bull! Halo is worse and it got higher than that!

To me this game has a 9.3 in the Storyline department, a 9.0 in graphics (better than Halo 3 for sure), and 8.5 in gameplay (Halo 3 doesn't top that)! Seriously, Halo is an 8.0, and this game should be an 8.8 or something like that.

Fvck this sh1t. Either reviewers have a bias, or they like simplistic games. Damned simpletons.

MK_Red4020d ago

While I love the game and Clive Barker's work, you can't argue with the fact that game lacks multiplayer. It would have rocked beyond measure but sadly, it's missing.