Tomb Raider Gets A Reboot. But Does Lara Croft Matter In A Post-Uncharted World?

Alex Hilhorst writes, "There is still a place for characters of the old Lara’s ilk, but not in games that want to take themselves seriously. An example of a character following the old archetype with much success is Bayonetta, who’s so over the top that her entire existence seems like one big farce (I mean, she’s dressed in her own hair and shoots pistols out of stilettos). But Tomb Raider now has to contend with games like Uncharted, a franchise that owes a lot of its success to Lara Croft, and though Nathan Drake is a bit of a joker, overall the series is much more realistic and gritty than most of the Tomb Raider games."

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solideagle13137d ago

why? at least she is sexier than Drake and she has got something which Drake cant in his life time cough B**bs cough :P

Uncharted is perfect but tomb raider deserves a chance. i am still wondering why crystal dynamics is not working on soul Reaver and why Capcom is not working on Onimusha and the best question which none answered why there is no Shadow Hearts?


Soldierone3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Not only that, but shall we go check out how the football titles are doing? Oh wait they haven't changed in years because Madden has no competition.

Same rule applys here. Tomb Raider one ups Uncharted, Uncharted will one up Tomb raider. both games will get better, and we become the winners.

captain-obvious3137d ago

all i got to say to Lara Croft now is


Venox20083137d ago

and new Shadow of rome & Haunting ground

Hisiru3137d ago

The more games like Uncharted the better.

Quagmire3137d ago

The More INDIANA JONES games, the better

RedPawn3138d ago


Tomb Raiders pace is set a slower tone than Uncharted.

SynysteR3137d ago

A new Tomb Raider game is always welcome, Providing it delivers. They really got to get this franchise back on track, Love Uncharted but this new reboot sounds very promising, Here's hoping eh?.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3137d ago

I wanna see what this games got to offer. Drake owes a lot to lara. But they said Uncharted was what inspired the reboot. True, Tomb Raider has been slipping but I still think the name warrants enough nastalgia to keep it on old fans radar.

ipe3137d ago

If its quality game why not, i love uncharted but world doesnt end with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.