BRINK PS3 Sales to Suffer From PSN Outage

The high profile-title should have probably kept it’s May 17th release date.

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samoon2811d ago

I'm still getting it regardless, I hope Sony gets it up and running in the next few days and not May 31st like previously rumored...

Focker4202811d ago

Same here, I'll be playing it tomorrow w/ psn or no psn

QuakeStyle2811d ago

it has offline mode. they CLEARLY stated that they erased the line between multiplayer and single, which means you play offline and than when the psn is back you play multiplayer with all your guns.

Joe Bomb2811d ago

People who still want this game should just buy it. PSN will come back.

Quagmire2811d ago

TBH, i dont really care if it doesnt, will teach developers and publishers not to rely too heavily on DLC and Online Passes too much to generate revenue, and revert back to the old skool "include as mucyh content as possible into a single game", instead of cutting out and locking certain aspects.