User Generated Content: Welcome Addition or Wildly Unnecessary?

GP blogger, Dyeknom writes, "Some video games offer basic customization like the altering of physical appearances while others go far beyond that level of customization allow the player to "create” one's own experience. For example, the Level-5 studio implemented the Georama system, city building. which allows the player to infuse aspects of their game with a bit of their own personality as seen with both Dark Cloud and White Knight Chronicles. The player can choose who will populate the town and assign them to houses, similar to a rudimentary simulation game. From Motorstorm Apocalypse to Halo Reach user customization continues to be an essential component in almost every game and the personalized experiences derived are welcomed with open arms. In-game and external creation tools can offer much more than a customization of load-outs and character creation, rather allow for the creation of maps, levels and even full-fledged games."

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Kahvipannu3137d ago

"User Generated Content: Welcome Addition or Wildly Unnecessary?"

Some of the best gaming experiences are user generated content, there's some insane mods out there.

slinky1234563137d ago

One of the greatest innovations this generation.