Sony's E3 Press Conference Needs To Be Sh*t Hot "Unless you've been living under a rather large rock, it's been almost impossible to ignore that Sony are having some serious problems right now. Their image as a global entity has been hit hard and from a financial perspective, this couldn't be happening at a worse time. Shares in the company were finally starting to rise again following the Japanese disaster at the start of March and of course, the infamous hacking of the PlayStation 3 by GeoHot. But the recent attack from Anonymous, the subsequent hacking/data breach of the PlayStation Network and then that of Sony Online Entertainment has just compounded the issue. Even the untouchable Kevin Butler made a huge faux pas when he tweeted the PS3 root key by accident."

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M-Easy3689d ago

You cant realistically expect more than what Sony has shown in any other E3. Sure they can announce games before they wanted to or sweeten the welcome back program. But trailers take months to finish so don't expect to see a high profile exclusive just to balance out he hacks.

Nitrowolf23689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Yeah I don't think anyone should expect any more games then what they originally planned out, meaning they aren't gonna beef up their E3 anymore with games. I think now that their network went down and such, they will probably squeeze some information concerning the future of PSN. Probably apologize some more and reiterate what happened.

MintBerryCrunch3689d ago

give me a trailer for agent...that game was announced a couple of years ago and nothing since

there are different divisions of R*...i know they must be working on GTA V, but LA Noire is only being published by them

Army_of_Darkness3689d ago

Good grief! Sony is just lacking online gameplay! Its not like they're actually lacking on games itself!?
Damn, people get over it already!!
Gamers depend on online way to much this gen... If your not a call of duty fanatic, it shouldnt really bother you.

BabyTownFrolics3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Sony is just lacking online gameplay!

I'm not a call of duty fanatic, and it bothers

gamers we are a diverse bunch arent we, I'm digging the new attitude its gone from which is better psn or live to online gameplay is overrated anyway.

NiKK_4193689d ago

Yea, like you guys said, they're probably not gonna really do anything they weren't gonna do anyway

rockleex3689d ago

Sony's E3's are ALWAYS "sh*t hot".

Anytime Sony holds any kind of press conference, any websites that are covering it is bound to get strangled by the influx of users just anxiously waiting for any awesome news!

creatchee3689d ago


I'm sure that what the author is trying to say is the best way to make people forget about the hacks and the outage is to give us things that we as gamers want - announcements, footage, and info. And while Sony usually does a good job at this, this year is EXTREMELY important for them to ace their conference because, whether or not the diehards or fanboys want to admit it, consumer faith in Sony has taken a tremendous hit in the past month.

They don't even need a trailer - they could simply bring Kojima-san out to rile everyone up, or even run a title screen of an unannounced sequel or reboot that might not have footage on it yet. Something big or bold.

They need to bring it this year - more than any other...

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cannon88003689d ago

Guys... It's got to be shit hot.

Joni-Ice3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Yup They need to bring all the Hackers on stage and have everyone in the audience throw Bricks at them. Who ever does that... wins E3 in my book.

trancefreak3689d ago

What did you think Sony would throw in towel. Hell no.

GLoves are comin off.

I would Imagine kevin butler will start some comment like "just recently some nice folks ordered me some pizza lol"

I seriously believe kevin will come up with some kick ass one liner and the crowd will go nutz in support of Sony.

Then the games, ngp will take the attention away from the woes of psn being down just recent.

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Nitrowolf23689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Yeah i agree. Hopefully they do what they been doing like previous years and show an amazing line up of games. After this hacking issue, i think Sony is gonna address the future of PSN and what we can expect, not only in security measures but also feature wise.

Something like this isn't gonna go unnoticed at E3. I have a feeling they will reveal something for the Online division.

I'm hoping we see some new IP and not just a bunch of announced sequels to games, though there good to. I hope Qunatic Dreams is creating the next Heavy Rain like title and will be ready to reveal it. Would love to see some old PS1 and some PS2 IPs that havn't made it onto the PS3 yet.

-Alpha3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

They need to do what they do, but focus a bit on PSN. Reassure customers of security and, I truly hope this year they announce some new features for Plus members.

E3 is the best time to announce Chrome, or Cross Chat, Reward system, etc. Last year Plus got them on track, and by now we should see new features.

And, contrary to the focus on PSN, I'd just really love to here some new NON-SHOOTER, NON-MULTIPLAYER games.

I mean, really, I like the announcement of Starhawk and all, but I'm dying for new JRPGs/games that aren't shooters, realistic, multiplayer oriented, etc. We have enough of that IMO.

trancefreak3689d ago

I like your thinking alpha! Those items you mentioned would be not just a goodwill gesture but useful and more of a complete psn that would enhance the experience.

alexgamer13689d ago

Agree with yours points there Nitrowolf. Sony will definately not only mention the issue, but will most likely provide a small explanation behind it and where PSN's is heading.

I'm seriously looking forward to the game line up this year, they always have done a great job of anouncing these new titles and showing them off. Would be good to hear about future firmware updates as we haven't really had anything major in a while.

Gave you a present Nitrowold, an agree! Hope you like it. :-]

stuntman_mike3688d ago

isn't Qauntic Dream working on a emotional war game using the heavy rain engine (or an updated version of it) should be good i wonder if they will go FPS or keep 3rd person or maybe a mix.

JDouglasGU3689d ago

Jack Tretton will distract us by single-handedly going to Pakistan to find the rest of the top ten most wanted.

Apocwhen3689d ago

haha, that made me laugh. Bubble+

fozzness3689d ago

I'm really biting my nails on this one. I'm excited... but also nervous.

outwar60103689d ago

i would be happy with a god of war 4 trailer and heavy rain dlc(i know it was cancelled but there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking and the taxidermist dlc was epic)

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