PS3 Releases Affected by PSN Outage

With the Playstation Network having an estimated restore date of 30th May and the release of some huge titles released this month. Game developers can only hope for the worst as their titles are released without PSN access. What are your thoughts?

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M-Easy2717d ago

Why would they hope for the worst?

vgamersHD2717d ago

incase their sales drop on the ps3?

upturned22716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

it's understandable. We're all just grumpy. We don't wantoo wait [exactly how it sounds]

itsralf2716d ago

Shouldn't game developers be hoping for the best? Why would they hope for the worst?

FACTUAL evidence2716d ago

feel sorry for the people wanting to get some brink on. Shameful. Sony has a lot of ass kissing to do to their customers.

hiredhelp2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

They wont be worried . Content be there.. If they can feed updates on games wile psn is down im sure they can manage to inplace dlc to psn in time..
Too many overreacting articles.. Fedup with bad publicity what about given some respect a support. Like some true sony fans show on here.

vgamersHD2716d ago

I do have lots of respect towards sony and hope they take as long as they need to to make sure the network is running at the best it can. I purely wrote the article to show the games which could be affected :)

hiredhelp2716d ago

Fare enough dude just impression i got with soo many blogs websites knocking sony and not 1 site attacking at thoes responsible .its just getting to me buddy. Dont worry im sure wont effect the devs given u agree ..

Veeger2716d ago

Like Witcher 2, a PC game...

Focker4202716d ago

Ummm why is LA Noire up there?? And isn't the witcher 2 a PC only game??

tmoss7262716d ago

Website FAIL. Witcher 2 is a PC only game.

Kalowest2716d ago

LOL so true, why are they up there (LA Noire, The Witcher 2).

Dojan1232716d ago

You should have added games already impacted like Portal 2.

vgamersHD2716d ago

okay i shall fix them now vgreleases had witcher 2 on ps3

I shall add in already impacted games too :)

Soldierone2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Witcher 2? Isn't that PC exclusive? And "All the updates could be a hassle" Updates still work fine on games. Im sure with a little bit of clearance from Sony it wouldn't be a hassle to the consumer at all.

LA Noire is advertised with PS logo's and doesn't need online. Only thing hurting those sales would be an Xbox fanboy in Gamestop or Bestbuy telling customers to buy 360.

Only game truly affected by the outage is FEAR 3. So much so that WB could be optioning a delay. At least I would If I were them.

jack_burt0n2716d ago

cant believe any1 is gonna get noir on 360 3 damn discs lmao.

zealottt2716d ago

well we have a console that works online

dgonza402716d ago

@ zealot

i thought it was a single player game?

talk about getting a cheap sting.

Kalowest2716d ago

"Only game truly affected by the outage is FEAR 3"
what about Brink, MK9, and Portal 2.

Soldierone2716d ago

On this list...didn't know I had to specify that.

Brink is completely playable just fine offline. Not being online isn't going to destroy it.

sarshelyam2716d ago

Wasn't FEAR 3 delayed until Summer? This article is horrible...just horrible!

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The story is too old to be commented.