Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Review - Game Revolution

"Escalation demonstrates new content that players want to see: multiplayer maps that clearly distinguish themselves from one another by delivering variety in both gameplay and design." - Kuulei Naipo, Game Revolution

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dbjj120883351d ago

More zombies, more shooting? Is this the last DLC for Black Ops? Gotta make room for MW3.

samurailincoln3351d ago

More zombies? Is this fad not dead yet?

Raven_Nomad3351d ago

Best Zombie map ever! Definitely not a fad. 3-D is what I'd consider a fad. Not quality DLC and especially zombie modes.

Volpone3351d ago

The meta-undead? Jesus, they really *are* after our brains.

stormeagle63351d ago

I like the in-depth reviews for each individual map. Great job!