PlayStation Store Preview – May 10th, 2011: PSN Down Edition Week 3

From PlayStation LifeStyle:

3 weeks into this extended PSN downtime and no one — not even Sony — really knows when the PSN or PlayStation Store will be back. However, we’re going to keep this weekly feature going so you know what *should* be available when regular PlayStation Store updates return. There is a chance publishers may hold their games until a later date to avoid tough competition when the PlayStation Network returns.

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doctorstrange3133d ago

*Hits PSN's chest*

Live! Live you bastard, live!

Sev3133d ago

I hear Sony is looking to hire Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, those fuckers can bring anything back to life. :)

Elimin83133d ago

Doctorstrange.. CPR too?

Ricco-Warrior3133d ago

it's no use , time to bring the big guns into this ( takes out cellphone) Cole.....We need you

Godmars2903133d ago

Think you meant to say, "Live! Live you magnificent bastard Live!"

decimalator3133d ago

Oh, it's already alive. It's just in a coma until they're done with internal testing.

Crazyglues3133d ago

@ doctorstrange

Funniest thing I've read all day, bubbles for you My friend... LoL


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decimalator3133d ago

Damnit, I want the Red Faction demo. And after finally playing the Costume Quest demo, I am jonesing to buy the full game. Please oh please let the PSN come back soon

Trexman893133d ago

and I want to play Brink online tomorrow....sigh

unknownhero11233133d ago

and I want to play MK9 online and portal 2 co-op.

it would be just my luck that when I finally want to play online the PSN goes offline.

Solidus187-SCMilk3133d ago

I didnt like it as much as the last one, from what the demo showed. It is linear and you can rebuild anything that is breakable(mainly walkways and pipes), and the caves/rocks dont get damaged still.

I thought the new bug enemies were lame.

BigWoopMagazine3133d ago

It's really starting to pile up. Red Faction demo! Under Siege! and Outland! Man I want them all, and then Brink release too, and that's clearly going to shine in multiplayer

IMChampion3133d ago

Why you keep doing this to yourself? Good thing is at least we will have a nice pile of content when the store goes back up.

Godmars2903133d ago

Pity most of us have small thin wallets for which to buy all of said phat content...

decimalator3133d ago

no, no. He's protecting us from the PSN. It was starting to become self-aware, bringing it down was the only way to prevent Judgement Day.

T3mpr1x3133d ago

Well then I'd rather take my chances with a Judgement Day.

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