MDK 2 Gets WiiWare Release

VG247: "BioWare wasn’t always famous only for Baldurs Gate or Mass Effect: it had also developed the sequel to one of the greatest third-person shooters in gaming history – MDK. The sequel will make its appearance on WiiWare today, becoming the first TPS title from the developers to do so."

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Cajun Chicken3347d ago

I'd better check my points.

xer03346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Wasn't this game created by Shiny Entertainments, Dave Perry?

I'd love to see this on the next generation of consoles.
That orbital jump was kick ass, back in the day.

MWH3346d ago

the first and classic MDK yes, the second was by Bioware. MDK:3 is what i personally want, not some decade aged port.

The_KELRaTH3346d ago

Loved playing the original, was one of my 1st 3d graphics games using a 3dfx card.

X-Zone3346d ago

I played this game, bloody hell talk about nostalgia.