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CheatCC says - The original White Knight Chronicles was highly anticipated when it saw its North American release in 2010. Being a PlayStation 3 exclusive and one of the few epic Japanese console RPGs out this generation, fan expectation was high. Unfortunately, the game ended up getting middling reviews. While it did provide a bit of fun and scratched that RPG itch, it was dinged in reviews for a combat system that was too slow-paced, overly repetitive quests, a highly-cliched and incomplete storyline, and an underwhelming multiplayer mode.

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WildArmed2719d ago

Ugh, looking forward to WKC2 :D

FamilyGuy2719d ago

Wow, it's pretty obvious this site new nothing about the first game -_-

Euro release is May 20th right?
I need to find a site that's cheap to import from.

WildArmed2719d ago

Aye, I'm not liking the fact that US is getting the shaft in terms of release date.

If you do find a good import place, let me know please ;)

nfourgtoday2718d ago

White Knight can't come soon enough.