Valve’s Secret to Making Better Video Games

Kotaku: "Congratulations, good people of Valve Software. You make terrific video games. Tell us how it's done!

"I'm stammering because I've tried to explain to my wife how it works, and I haven't been able to," Erik Wolpaw, co-writer of Valve's Portal 2 said last week, answering a question from a moderator about Valve's game-making process. "She doesn't believe that it should work."

Wolpaw's full NYU presentation—covering Valve's methodology, Portal 2 heroine Chell's reluctance to speak, and plenty more—was recorded by the University and is scheduled to be posted online soon."

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Corrwin2813d ago

Hype, though not their own - the press whip themselves into a frenzy.

And taking so long people actually have nostalgia for the last game they produced.

kramun2813d ago

What a load of crap. They know how to make great games, it's as simple as that.

dirthurts2813d ago

They care about their gamers. That's how they make good games. They don't milk us dry with dlc that should have been on the disk, and they finish the game before they release it. Even then they patch the games until everyones happy.

newhumanbreed2813d ago

True for most their games, but Left 4 Dead wasn't finish till Left 4 Dead 2.

dirthurts2813d ago

I'm not sure I agree with you there.
L4D was a new game, and they were simply exploring new ideas. Like portal.

lastdual2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

According to the article, they get the whole team involved with contributing ideas, then test and iterate on every idea they like, and aren't afraid to toss one if it doesn't work out as well in-game as it did on paper.

Also, they're Valve - Thanks to Steam, they have enough money that they can make their own deadlines and spend as much time testing and iterating as they please. That's a luxury that very few studios have.

So basically, it's a great strategy, but in practice you have to already be filthy rich to make it work. It's not something every developer can adopt.

Kos-Mos2813d ago

But what kind of people play games made by them? Surely their games are not for everyone. Maybe the majority. Who`s right and who`s wrong? The majority? I think not.
Ps: pearl harbor and avatar were very very popular movies, but were they any good when taste is put aside? No.