The Jimquisition: How Sony Can Make Up For The PSN Breach

Destructiod: "A few people asked for a video to sum up the whole PSN outage thing, and I thought I'd take it in a more productive direction that simply getting angry.

I've proposed three very reasonable ideas (which Podtoid listeners can already guess) in order to make Sony look good in this whole thing. This is because I'm a very, very good person who is always looking out for the little guy."

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LOGICWINS2722d ago

Yeah funny dude, I'm surprised I haven't come across his vids before.

Muerte24942722d ago

entertaining then FEEDBACK any day of the week.

OT: How can they call it feedback when everyone on there seem to have the same narrow-minded perspective? (With the exception of Adam Sesslor)

lastdual2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I approve of all these ideas, espcially a new MediEvil game.

FACTUAL evidence2721d ago

Honestly, I know that I'll get mega disagree'ers, but at this point even that welcome back package is BS.

Sony kept giving us these stretched out assumptions of the psn coming back, just to say that it's still going to be a bit longer for the comeback.

I honestly think the only way I'll be REALLY happy is if we get some type of revamp, or some features the ps should of had on launch within psn. So basically I'm good if we get online ID change feature, or if we get voice messaging....both would be nice.

Either way, Id be happy for the return of psn, but I'm going to be kind of put off if there isn't even anything remotely new. Believe it or not, sony owes us for this.....they should of been secure day one!

For anyone saying, "how does sony owe us!?". Think of it like this, this is a corporation for crying out loud, makes billions a week, I'm pretty sure they have the funds/tech to secure our info.

It's almost like having a very trustworthy friend. You let he/she babysit your kid but he/she ends up losing your kid at the mall. Even still, sony did not know this incident was going to happen, but the fact that your network wasn't secure in the first place was just idiotic.

That's like having a safe with no lock, or having a mansion with with doggy doors. IDK, but if you think this is acceptable there will be more to come....

M-Easy2721d ago

A billion a week lmao not even oil companies could even dream of that. Hell big oil, google, and apple; combined aren't making a billion on their best week.

blackburn102720d ago

Your still just spouting the same nonsense the press and everyone else has been doing. You don't know how secure Sony was. No one does except Sony. Everyone is guessing and speculating with no hard evidence or facts.PSN has been safe for 5 years until the imbeciles started tampering with the system, which most of us were attacked for for being against it.

I want PSN back too but stop saying that PSN should have been safer when you have no clue how safe it was in the first place or if it could have happened to any other company no matter how careful they were. Sony was a victim of an underhanded sneaky attack by misguided idiots who would have done the same to any business that they were targeting. Your assuming just like everyone else

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M-Easy2722d ago

This guy watches way too much wrestling. Everything about him was The Rock circa 1998. Well exact the whiteness, obesity, pansy voice and lack of charisma. Funny though.

Burning_Finger2721d ago

Number 4: Cheese burger and milkshake. :)

Venom2152721d ago ShowReplies(1)
Godmars2902721d ago

Who else thinks that if Sony gave Sterling those two games plus a hummer by a hooker cos-playing as Nariko he'd be complaining about them the next day?

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