Games Are Evil Review: Conduit 2

The Conduit 2 is not a horrible game by any means, nor is it a very good one. It is a game that has garnered the most “for a Wii game” utterances to date. Reviews seem to give the game a free pass for satiating the “core” gamer mass that is oft ignored by both first and third party developers on the Wii. Developer High Voltage Software is notable in this regard for taking notice of the hole in the Wii’s software lineup and attempting to bring a modern first-person shooting experience to the console, unfortunately with mixed results.

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bgrundman3347d ago

Ouch... that is pretty harsh...

AEtherbane3347d ago

Its a fun game, an 8 at best, the campaign is a 7, but multiplayer is arguably a 9. screw these reviews