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When Metal Gear Solid 2 came out, no-one really liked newcomer Raiden. We were all too angry at having our beloved Solid Snake ripped away from us for the whole game to actually care about Raiden’s tale. In our opinion, this new, long-haired, side-flipping moron was just stealing the grizzled veteran Snake’s spotlight.

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honestpizza3135d ago

Naked Raiden doing cartwheels still haunts me...

MintBerryCrunch3135d ago

it was the sneezing that did it for me

Elimin83135d ago

@ honestpizza.... Lol.. Yeah and dry humping the floor to fit under the crates to avoid detection...

TXIDarkAvenger3135d ago

This game looks freakin sick. Sucks that Snake isn't the main but Raiden is just as cool. Pre-ordering ths for sure.

SuperLupe3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

You can wait for MGS5 and still play other good games in between.

beavis4play3134d ago

uh, yea.....i will.......but, not this one. it isn't looking that interesting to me - and it's not really a metalgear game without snake.

hopefully, kojima comes through at E3.

gaden_malak3135d ago

Right now its becoming Metal Gear Solid: Fading.

Nothing has come out on this in almost a year.

Quagmire3135d ago

Any announcement of Move support?

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