Holy Crap! This Bird Makes Pac-Man Noises - Game Revolution

"I'm not really a bird person. They smell, make loud squawking noises and tend to poop on everything, including people. But this Cockatiel is cool with me because it can emulate the 'wakka-wakka-wakka" munching noises of my beloved Pac-Man. I wonder what kind of food it eats? Little white pellets of some sort perhaps?"

-Blake Morse,Game Revolution

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Dart893345d ago

Totally fake man when the bird stops moving its mouth the noise continues.

HolyOrangeCows3345d ago

Plus, it sounds very much like someone is just playing it off camera.

shotgun_ps33345d ago

Who cares if it's real. What's matters is its fooking hilarious.

jriquelme_paraguay3345d ago

this bird just move his mouth

stormeagle63345d ago

I kinda think it's real, if you see these birds in real life they often make half of their sounds without moving their beaks. And they can make weirder sounds than this too!