Why Saints Row 3 Will Be "A Breath of Fresh Air" For Open Worlds

OXM: "When the first footage released for a game is a two-second clip of a bloke getting smacked in the balls, you know you're onto something... different. Saints Row: The Third is the Mad Hatter of the open-world genre (and speaking of which, expect some pretty loony hats), disdaining stuffy questions of morality, rigid plotting and generic weapon set-ups in favour of bling-tastic mischief-making on a very grand scale.

OXM previewed the threequel at length in issue 72, pronouncing it one to watch. For more details - including thoughts on non-gender-specific heroes and "feeling like a badass", here's project design director Scott Phillips."

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@TheGames - we aren't knocking him because he doesn't like Saint's Row, it's his inability to try something he deems as a "clone". We aren't talking about Fortresscraft here. Using a basic idea and expounding and making things better doesn't make it a "clone".

He must hate platformers - clones of Super Mario Bros.
He must hate Call of Duty/Halo - clones of Doom.
He must hate RPGs - clones of Final Fantasy.

There are very few original ideas anymore. Just because something falls in the same category does not make it a clone.

rabidpancakeburglar3136d ago

I've only just started playing saints row 2

trainsinrdr3136d ago

its a really good game i got 100% on in see if u can :P

rabidpancakeburglar3136d ago

It'll take a while no doubt, I've just been killing people so far

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Fresh air? Meh! inFAMOUS 2 has that on lock!

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