Video Game Heroin: 5 Games Guaranteed to Cause an Addiction

GP blogger, IWX writes, "Regardless of the series being pretty similar in each iteration since Call of Duty 4, it still is FUN. Which is one of the key reasons we play games isn't it? Where does the fun come from? Multiplayer. Honestly up until this past week, I'd never actually gotten through the campaign of a Call of Duty game (the Black Ops Campaign was actually a lot of fun) because I always just focused on the multiplayer. Now for the addiction to really take hold, what you need is a group of friends that regularly play. This is where the real fun comes from; honestly I never play alone anymore because of how much better it is to play with people you know."

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ZombieAssassin3132d ago

Black ops killed the last bit of love I had for CoD games.

Blitz Ball though...I spent so much time playing that stupid little game just thinking about it makes me wish I still had a Ps2 and FFX.

chriski3333132d ago

Battlefield 3 baby yea boy