Coregamer: E3 2011: Nintendo Predictions.

With E3 2011 just under a month away, Coregamer's Jon Martin gives us his predictions for what he expects to see from Nintendo at this years Conference aside from Project Cafe.

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Yangus3135d ago

Xenoblade and Last Story west release!
Maybe Dragon Quest X trailer.

I think Nintendo win E3..

AWBrawler3135d ago

Why the hell do so many people say Samus was out of character on other M?

ChickeyCantor3135d ago

Because creating fan fiction is so much cooler ;D

AWBrawler3135d ago

must be, because even on zero mission, she admits she was afraid several times

ChickeyCantor3135d ago

The comic shows she is fragile as F.
People just want the 1D samus.

martoine3135d ago

Metroid Zero mission was her first mission so her being afraid was completely understandable. Other M is chronologically set after most of the titles including the Prime trilogy, in Other M she is struck down with fear when she see's Ridley, an adversary she has faced and defeated several times previously.
To take Samus from the badass of the Prime trilogy and reducing her to what she became in Other M seemed very out of place.

tunaks13135d ago

Prime games weren't heavy on story or character development.

They were great games, but to use them for defining a character, ignore fusion and the manga is pretty stupid

AWBrawler3134d ago

my mistake, I meant fusion, she admitted she was afraid, you must have missed those games, since you didn't even notice that glaring flaw

martoine3134d ago

Fusion is set last chronologically but plotwise for Samus to be afraid was logical due to the effect of the X Parasite on her and how it weakened her like she had never been before.
Also another complaint with Other M is how Samus acted on Adam's orders where as in previous games she seemed much more independent.

AWBrawler3134d ago

in the intro before even being infected, she mentions how she was afraid during previous missions. play it again. It's there. She took orders from the computer named after Adam on fusion.

Again, I'm hardly what you would call a Metroid fan, but i can see people just looking for something to complain about. People responding like this is why Nintendo is afraid to give Link a voice