Final Fantasy XIII Goes On Sale For The Third Time In Japan This July

Siliconera: "Square Enix is about to re-release Final Fantasy XIII… again. Ultimate Hits Final Fantasy XIII for PlayStation 3 and Ultimate Hits International Final Fantasy XIII Platinum Collection (say that three times fast!) for Xbox 360 are scheduled to arrive in stores on July 21, according to Square Enix’s online e-Store."

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HeavenlySnipes3140d ago

They are bsically just putting all the stuff they didn't add in this game int FFXIII-2. You know, allthe stuff every other FF game had like an open world, towns, interesting side quests, the usual. -__-

BiggCMan3140d ago

Final Fantasy XIII was different, but that doesn't mean it was bad. It had gorgeous graphics, and a really well done battle system. It was a much smaller game sure, but no one said that all the Final Fantasy games need to follow a certain guideline. They have all been different in their own way, but still similar in a few ways. XIII is just different, and people should accept that. It is a good game, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet because of all the hate it gets.

bwazy3140d ago

Battle system was TERRIBLE, it felt like Street Fighter more than anything, all you had to do was spam X and you'd win. Graphics were alright, but then again why shouldn't they be? They had 50GB's of space in which all you saw were 100+ identical corridors and ONE large area.

It is NOT a good game, it's the pinnacle of fail and every true Final Fantasy fan can see this.

I swore after FFXIII I'd never buy another FF game, but then I bought FFXIV..... /Sigh, I think the days of FF are near and end.

HeavenlySnipes3140d ago

why they went back to the loading battle arean thing. I hated that. FF12 camealong and showed that making the ATB work realtime was a great idea and that game was a hit no matter what the fanboys say.

FFXII - 92 (user score 70 something lol)
FFXIII - 83 (very divided fanbase)

All they needed to do was change the story, visuals and setting and keep all the elements from FFXII intact. The only problem people had from FFXII was Vaan an the license boards. (which were fixed in the rereleased international version)

Ddouble3140d ago

^ I wouldn't say no one is buying it. It did sell 6 Million+.

The box art is ugly just like the platinum hits the PS3 games get.

bwazy3140d ago

I unfortunately bought this game on launch. I wouldn't then again by this game for 0.0001 of a cent. Worst game I've probably ever played in my life and DEFINITELY the worst Final Fantasy game in the series. I mean seriously, this game made FFXIV look good.

mcsm3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Agreed i have owned this game for over a year and this is the only game in my collection that i have yet not completed, it could take me the next 2-3 years to finish it cant stand even 15 minutes playing this game.That stupid bitch vanille makes me want to punch my self.

baodeus3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I don't think FF13 is that bad. If anything, it is just like FF10 which got really good rating back then, so i don't get why the hate for FF13. Ff10 doesn't really have exploration either. Ff13 and FF10 are practically identical, down to the summoning and skills tree system.

man i guess u haven't played Star Ocean: last hope yet eh (Vanillie annoyances ain't nothing compare to the SO4 casts trust me). Listenning to all the casts(especially that stupid Welch) make u want to stick a nail into your ears. Thank god, the developers put in the option to turn off any of their voices in game (i think they notice that too, how sad is that).

Godmars2903140d ago

Wonder if Wada is trying to use this to find some justification for putting vsXIII on the 360. For delaying and disrupting the PS3 version.

zackacloud3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Square enix will lost it life if they screw up versus xiii to stop exlusive request

It just ff not good even with big budget if it limited to dvd Or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

It really the final hope for the real fan Who loved ffi ffii ffiv fvi ffvii fviii ffix ffx ffxi ffxii

Square enix becareful you will finish if there creative or rare things in versus

As i saw after 6 years of releasing sony gaming device they create i really big game history will remember it

Ff ix 2000 -ps1 1994

Ff xii 2006 - ps2 2000

Ff type 0 2011 - psp 2005

Ff versus xiii 2012 - ps3 2006

Ix xii type 0

These games push the limit in devices they were on

And recorded as best games on ps ever

As i see type 0 it legend of rpg hopes and trust on it

However sorry for bad english

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