CVG- LA Noire: Enough gameplay depth to support its narrative?

CVG: "After two hours hands-on with Rockstar's 1940s detective adventure, we're close to solving LA Noire's biggest mystery - no, not the identity of the Black Dahlia murderer (based on the 1940s Los Angeles serial killer who escaped detection) that underpin the game's myriad cases, as you move from beat cop, to homicide desk but LA Noire itself.

How does it play? How nuanced are the interrogation scenes where you read suspect's true feelings from subtle facial movements, via the impressive MotionScan tech? How branching is the plot? Y'know - how does it work as a game?"

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user8586212771d ago

next friday :) ahhh not too long now

M4I0N32771d ago

yeah, i cant wait! Really looking forward to this!

himdeel2771d ago

I'm going to play this game in small bit size chunks, not rushing through it and taking my time playing through the whole thing. I'm intrigued by this game and want to enjoy it like a really good television drama where I'm invested in the characters and their stories as they continue to unfold, mission/episode by mission/episode.

M4I0N32771d ago

yeah definitely man, it kinda reminds me of seriousness of the tv series called The Wire. Such an awesome series, if you've not checked it out!

Baccra2771d ago

I thought it came out on Tues., the 17th.

crapfreakdad2771d ago

Sounds involving, but the I worry about the length and replay value. With RDR the action adds a variable to the story and therefore makes replaying it just as enjoyable. With cases being the meat of the 'action' I worry replaying may be just be too easy when you know the clues/suspects importance to the outcome of each case.

Kal8532771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I'm concerned about that as well. But they've said there's about 2 seasons of tv content in the game and there'll be lots of dlc, and there comes a point when there's enough well crafted story content to satisfy rather than being able to run around and shoot things in endless ways. Hopefully they succeed in reaching that point.

DanSolo2771d ago

I wonder what the DLC will be like though?

If it is just a case that lasts a couple of hours then it doesn't add much value...
If however it is a whole bunch of cases... like one of the desks then that is a different story!

The thing is with a game like this I don't think it will hold any replay value for me personally as once I know the outcomes of each case I have zero interest in just doing it again for a few different cutscenes (not that there is anything wrong with people who like that sort of thing).

But I am really looking forward to this game, and for me it will be about challenging my brain to solve the cases and enjoying the one play through and aiming to go about it the same way I would if I were really in that situation.... it doesn't really matter to me if there is replay value (although it would be nice), I just hope the cerebral aspect of the game is a good one, and not a well dressed version of point and click to find clues, followed by a rock, paper, scissors type mini-game in the interrogation... I think it will be alot more than that... but I will be happy to find it is actually a case of genuinely solving crimes rather than playing through them!

It is definately my most wanted game of the year as it has the potential to be something different... although Skyrim, Uncharted 3, and Battlefield 3 are all on my hitlist too!

Kal8532771d ago

Looking good. I hope they pull it off and the game is well received critically. That could lead to more developers taking similar chances with new styles of gameplay that have been underused or even nonexistent. Bravo R*.

NukaCola2771d ago


Bravo Team Bondi. The real artists and the only reason this game will be awesome.

Cerberus292771d ago

The way I see it, the interrogations are what's gonna make or break this game. The facial tech is really cool, but if they make it too obvious a when a person is lying...

But I have faith Team Bondi and R* know what they're doing.