Box art and new screenshots released for Wipeout Kinect game

Activision releases new screenshots and the official box art for Wipeout: In the Zone, based off of the off-beat ABC obstacle course show.

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BakedGoods2723d ago

Forget inFamous 2, WIPEOUT KINECT DAY ONE!

Ace_Pheonix2723d ago

For a second there I was thinking that Kinect (let alone XBOX) was going to get a real game that I could potentially take interest in. But it's not Wipeout, the awesome futuristic racer, it's Wipeout, the lame ABC reality TV show. Typical.

DlocDaBudSmoka2723d ago

idk why you thought a sony IP would come to the 360.

TheEatingChampagne2723d ago

LOL he didn't think anything he was just trying to bash Kinect

Ace_Pheonix2723d ago

Whoa, I actually didn't know Studio Liverpool was owned by SCEE. Nor did I know that 2 more Wipeout titles were slated for release. Thanks for probing me to Google it, awesome news.