Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review - Next Top FPS? (Hooked Gamers)

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was an excellent attempt to get a more realistic first-person shooter into the console market, as well as to make the hardcore “military sim” style of the original a bit more mass-market playable, without spoiling things. The results certainly weren't for everyone, but for those who wanted a more believable, less run-and-gun shooter but didn't want to go the full ARMA II route it filled the niche nicely. Co-op was excellent too.

Red River attempts to continue in these footsteps, while improving the flaws that held Dragon Rising back. First of all, don't worry about the speeches Codemasters gave about making this more accessible – this is still completely Operation Flashpoint (at least the Dragon Rising incarnation). Long-range assaults, one-hit kills, low accuracy. That kind of thing.

If you really hated the fact that Dragon Rising wasn't Call of Duty, then Red River is not for you either. If you try and play them the same way you will be de...

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BiggCMan3350d ago

Good review. I enjoyed Dragon Rising quite a bit, although I never beat it because my copy kept freezing at a certain point. I will definitely give this a go because it does look to improve on a lot of things Dragon Rising didn't do well. As for being next top FPS, that clearly won't happen even if it did deserve it.

k4rma3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Red River is a very good game. And I agree about not beating CoD. The CoD's and BF's are just too engrained into gaming culture atm, regardless that many of us are already sick and tired of them. We still gonna have to wait for everyone else to catch up and grow tired too, before things change.

But I will say this. It takes games like this, to make that happen.