Edge: Sequence Review

Edge: "One glance at your inventory will remind you that Sequence is special. Nestled in your bag are a Flail, three Dead Batteries, a Stripper, and a Comedy Club. According to the game, the Flail is favored among epileptics.

Sequence is too sterile a title for this vibrant game, which will become known as one of the brightest lights on Xbox Live Indie Games. The flagship release from Iridium Studios breathes new life into the role-playing genre, taking inspiration both obvious and subtle from rhythm games.

But its success begins with a willingness to subvert tradition. In the game's single dungeon, a high-tech tower overseen by a colourful cast of Guardians, you advance not by questing, but by crafting. A key is needed to unlock each of the seven floors, and must be made from the spoils of battle."

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