Gabe Newell speaks on Valve’s surprising development process

Why no Half-Life 3? Maybe the Valve team just doesn't care enough about it right now...

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Solidus187-SCMilk3142d ago

I think that they are waiting till next gen for HL 3. The current consoles probably couldnt do a great job of running what ever they have in store for HL3, probably a new engine.

Ghoul3142d ago

not probably

valve is working on its next source engine and half life 3.
episode 3 might be the one coming to current gen consoles.

Theo11303142d ago

People need to get it into their heads, THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A NEXT SOURCE ENGINE, they built the current one to be modular, so they could upgrade it as they feel they need to. Look at portal 2 and tell me that they really need a new engine.

reznik_zerosum3141d ago

portal 2 looks awful,good game but it looks really old ffs

BeastlyRig3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I am sure hl3 is an after though for valve on consoles..

After all they gave pc players a free version of portal 2 on mac & ps3 player pc & mac versions for free!

Money wise I don't think valve is so focused on consoles as they are pc!

Half Life 2 did sell more than 12 million copies on pc!

So while I am sure HL3 will be on console seeing there is no memory of the first half life for you guys It would be very lame for pc gamers or valve to put so much focus on consoles..

kinda like how crysis 2 turned out!

so u think Counter Strike 2 will be focused on console?

They are even giving pc players a pc exclusive game this year called DotA2!!

Valve would never be dumb enough to offend there most intimate customers who actually use there service!

"For example, according to Newell, the reason there was no Source engine on Playstation 3 before now was that no one at the company had been interested in building one. Sure, it would have been profitable, it would have been good for the company, but Newell would never tell his employees what to work on. If no one ever decides to make a PS3 engine, then Valve won’t be releasing one. It seems like it couldn’t possibly be that simple, but unless it’s an elaborate ruse, this is how Valve works."

ps3 is lucky then?

Solidus187-SCMilk3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

porting HL1 to consoles was an after thought to valve yes. But have you noticed that most of valves recent games are coming out on consoles at the same time? Since the orange box(HL episode 2) they have brought most of their games out on consoles at the same time. Left for dead 1 and 2 and Portal 2 all came to consoles at the same time. This is very different than what they have done in the past.

Im just saying that they will probably wait for next console gen to release HL 3 because they dont want to have to gimp it so it can run on 360/ps3. That would piss PC gamers off the most if HL 3 was held back due to weak consoles. Are you saying that you think HL 3 wont be on consoles? I think it will for sure, just not the current consoles.

you mention crysis 2, and that illustrates my point perfectly. Crysis 2 on PC was held back because they had to make it be able to run on current consoles. If they had more powerful consoles maybe crysis 2 would have used direct X 11 and been more impressive in many other ways.

FACTUAL evidence3142d ago

lmao yo look at that man's neck though.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

it would be really cool if for half life 3, they used the portal gun in combat, coupled with technology like euphoria (see here: ), it could actually work. think, a few guys could be running at you and you could shoot a portal on the wall where you think they'd be in a sec or to, and shoot another one under a dude, and he fly's out and hits the group of guys and they'd all tumble, and struggle realistically with euphoria.

that'd be sweet, but only with euphoria related technology

NobleGamer3141d ago

After all these rumours and secrets revealed, if still no announcment of Half Life 3 in E3, then I am not sure what to say anymore...after waiting a very long time, I can't believe a established and industry defining francise as Half-Life hasn't been around for this long...

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Darkwolf7893142d ago

I totally agree that there really is no need for a new Source Engine. Like Theo said, seriously, Portal 2 is gorgeous. The thing is that Valve games never really seem to strive for photorealism. Artistically Portal 2, L4D2, and TF2 look amazing even though they don't look realistic. And it's not that the Source Engine is lacking from a tech standpoint either. The engine has definitely advanced in a way where it is keeping up with technology at a seemingly perfect pace where people with lower-end systems can still play the games with them looking great and people with high-end systems can still be rewarded with pure eye candy. Oh, and there better be some sort of continuation from Episode 2 haha, there's no way they could just leave it at...well how it ended. (Avoiding spoilers)

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mananimal3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

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