Honest Hearts and Old World Blues Gameplay Scenes

DualShockers writes: Old World Blues and Honest Hearts are the next two DLCs to be released for Fallout: New Vegas with the latter releasing on May 17th. Luckily, with little more than a week to go, before one of them is let loose upon the public, we have a quick 25 second video that showcases some gameplay from each DLC respectively. The preview comes from episode 36 of Qore that should have been available via the PSN on May 3rd. I’m sure anyone can figure out why the digital magazine is not available for download along with anything else on the PlayStation Store. However, part of the intro to Qore (EP. 36) which features the New Vegas DLCs made its way to Youtube. I understand that 25 seconds isn’t long but any die hard Fallout gamer will appreciate this tidbit of gameplay like no tomorrow.

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newhumanbreed3627d ago

I love Fallout. Can't wait for this :D