Five PS3 games to help forget about the PSN outage

Bitmob: The PlayStation Network is still out for the count and could be down for a few more days. Some players are already going through withdrawal, especially those who picked up the new SOCOM or Portal 2 for PS3 and have been itching for a little online time with their friends and enemies.

But not every game has an invisible PSN umbilical that makes having fun impossible at the moment. Some titles might use the network for leaderboards, but we technically have plenty of options that still keep the single-player flame alive.

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Sadie21002813d ago

I still need to finish Valkyria Chronicles...

SwampCroc2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

me to.. I'm currently on GOW 2 than on to GOW 3.. than Valkyria Chronicles and whatever other newer game I'm juggling between since I'm getting Brink tonight and L.A. Noire next week..

I got into the PS3 game late (I own Xbox 360 aswell)... Got it in Feb with the KZ3 edition... So, I still got plenty of games to catch up on... Like the Uncharted Series to name some more.

But PSN hopefully should be back up and running atleast the major functions by the time L.A. Noire hits shelves... Hopefully even before that..

R6ex2813d ago

Just like JayBizzle311, I've just got my PS3. Ran out of Xbox games to play, but now, I'm having about 20 PS3 games to catch-up before buying a high-end Gaming PC for future games.

jeseth2813d ago

Games to cruelly remind you PSN is down right now . ..

1. Socom 4
2. LBP2
3. GT5
4. Portal 2's Co-Op
5. KZ3

This PSN issue is getting real old for me.

chriski3332813d ago

I have about 30 games for ps3 still need to finish about 16-17 of them plus getting brink 2morrow sony should put up the servers by 2morrow or they will lose alot of money on brink

f7897902813d ago

You should probably just stop buying games. Finish the ones you have.

Then everything will be cheap when you are ready to buy more. (at a rate you can actually play them)

gaden_malak2813d ago

I've stopped buying games...until this week when I bought 4. Damn cheap games on Amazon.

kramun2812d ago

I've got a pc so I only need to buy 4-5 games for my ps3 every year. My pc has saved me loads of cash. Now I only buy exclusives that are worth buying.

Although there hasn't been that much action on my ps3 over the last year or so, it's there if I need it!

gapecanpie2813d ago

All I been doing is GT5 B-spec mode letting the game earn me easy money while I do something else ... gotta love B-spec mode

Headquarters112813d ago

Fuk that game. They messed it up the day they decided to mess up car trading.

JBaby3432813d ago

I finished Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and now I'm working on Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. I still need to finish Mercenaries 2 and Far Cry 2 that I've been doing off and on for more than a year.

I am seriously missing Battlefield BC 2. I'm craving some onslaught mode.

HeavenlySnipes2813d ago

Is the hands dow worst next gen game I've played. Don't bother playing it. They spent so much time making everything destructable hey forgot tomake the game fun.


Listen to Heavenly. Worst game everrr! When ever I see it im like thats the BEST GAME EVARRRRR!!! /s.

ikkokucrisis2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )


Try Just Cause 2, it's an open world game like Mercs that DOESN'T SUCK. I put it back into my system for another whirl this weekend and put in another 6 hours on it. Beat this game a while ago, and only completed 35% of everything there is to do in it!

I just saw this video, it was pretty amazing considering I was stuck on this mission for at least at hour:

ECM0NEY2813d ago

Only play Just Cause 2 if u like Xtreme eAsteR eGG hunting with guns...

I would skip that one too..

JBaby3432813d ago

I loved Just Cause 2. I'm somewhere in the 86-87% completion range and have put in more than 100 hours. A great game with varied environments and lots of fun to have.

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Baba19062813d ago

kinda sucks, that i allways finish singleplayer games first before going online haha =D well i guess ill have to wait for it to rain money so can get some new games, or till psn is on again. =D

DtotheRoc2813d ago

ahah i do the EXACT same thing. MP is just a tacked-on bonus that never has any sort of narative or reason to play other than pure competition so yeah like cod for instance. online cod4 for PC is up there as the second-best game i've ever played ONLINE only beaten by counterstrike. then there's ACB which is my 3rd favorite online BUT it was also the best game of last year IMO BUT if you're looking for a great SP experience to take 10 hours or so of your time unless you play it through more than once for the some 40 different endings lol is HEAVY RAIN. IT IS FANTASTIC and i can't recommend it enough. i'm sure you'd be able to pick it up for like twenty bucks or less even. anyway I'm just shootin my mouth right now. kinda bored. finsihed my finals today and brink comes out tomorrow and i'm on my last chapter of portal 2 which i was just playing it's awesome as well but i think i liked the first on PC better. then again PC is always better so maybe that's why i say that...anway have a good day everyone and i look forward to maybe getting some SOCOM confrontation or 4 in the next few weeks or brink if it lives up to the hype--so far nothing this year has aside from Dead space 2.

MTEC82813d ago

Picked up the Sly collection, nice change of pace. Didn't get a chance to play it on the PS2 days, great games and all for 30 buck.

wedgie2813d ago

I am playing that right now for the same reason. Its fun, just finished Sly 2 last night, now onto Sly 3

metsgaming2813d ago

im thinking about getting the sabotuer, has anyone played it?

xchris92x2813d ago

Yeah its quite fun, nothing special though.

ian722813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I found "The Saboteur" a great game really. Its like a WW2, Nazi killing, GTA style of game. IMO its quite underated.
The trophies are quite easy in this game also.

newn4gguy2813d ago

Get that game! You won't regret it!

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Caligula2813d ago

Really considering cancelling my PSN account right now. I don't know if I have it in me to deal with this crap for another round.

illegalyouth2813d ago

Assuming you've purchased anything through PSN, wouldn't that be a little like cancelling your Steam account and forfeiting everything you've bought through the distribution channel? What's the goal here? To tell Sony that you no longer want things you've already paid for?

M-Easy2813d ago

Well he would actually have to have a PSN account to cancel.

_Empath_2813d ago

+1 bubble. ROFL that kid is not the sharpest knife.

wsoutlaw872813d ago

what good would cancelling do you

Solid_Snake-2813d ago

when you cancel your subscription, you can renew it any time you want so dont listen to the butthurts who will defend sony to the point that there willing to be mugged off.

PSN is working: PSN is the best online service ever.

PSN is down: who needs PSN when we have all these exclusives.

you make me laugh.

caligula. you do what ya want its your choice. not these sheep on here.

Rynx2813d ago

troll harder.

Everything you've said has been said before by lesser trolls.

You wont let lesser trolls out-troll you now would you?

iHEARTboobs2813d ago

Umm, he said PSN account, NOT PS+.

DtotheRoc2813d ago

interesting you sound like anti-sony lol but you're a konami fan? i guess i dont' blame you MGS is the greatest series for sure but how can you hate it's main platform--and yes i've played the NES one as well.

Gungnir2813d ago

Though only mentioned at the bottom as a side note, Batman: Arkham Asylum is still one of my favorite single-player games of all time.

SybaRat2813d ago

Mafia 2 also good for a single player spin.

zeeshan8102813d ago

my 2nd platinum. :P

What about Red Dead Redemption guys?

HeavenlySnipes2813d ago

Its fu and all, but its kinda boring if you tr to play it long. Its not like the other GTAs where you can have fun blwing stuff up and runnin from cops. The law enforcement in RDR is easy to kill and escape from because you have thte Dead Eye ability.

The side stuff isn't really that fun but just barrelling through the main story won't make the game last long. I enjoyed it more when I knew I could go play KZ3 online or COD after a mission or 2 in Red Dead.

blodulv2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Playin' RDR on the PS3 right now actually... had it on the 360 before I sold it off...

I'm actually having a real hard time trying to play this thing with the R2/L2 triggers for aiming and shooting. Bad decision by R* imo.

Ju2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

blodulv, thank you. So it is not just me. I hate those "ports" using R2. At least make it customizable or switch 'em, R*.

Ascalon942813d ago

yes! RDR is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It might get a bit repitious here and there, but the game is such a blast to play and the atmosphere and setting is perfect.

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illegalyouth2813d ago

Don't forget about 3D Dot Game Heroes!