G4: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings- Hands On Impressions

G4: "The Prologue is actually told as a flashback, so the player chooses the order of the scenes in it. There’s a chronological order that’s pretty easy to figure out, but you’re in no way forced to do them in that order. There’s a storming of the castle itself, fights on the ramparts, an encounter with a dragon, and the final goal reached in the castle’s tower, all of which are action setpieces that also teach you the ins and outs of the new game engine and fighting system.

While The Witcher was clearly a Neverwinter Nights permutation with some twitch-based elements to the point-and-click combat, The Witcher 2 is much more of an action-adventure title in terms of the fighting. Geralt can perform combos with careful button timing, and fire off spells with ease thanks to a new quick-select spell menu. He can change targets at will, dodge-roll away from harm, or block and parry to create openings for counterattacks."

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