Bethesda Community Manager Reemphasizes New Vegas DLCs Won’t Continue Past Campaign’s Ending

DualShockers writes: Back in August 2010 we learned that any downloadable content released for Fallout: New Vegas won’t allow you to play beyond the campaign’s ending due to concluding cutscene issues. Nearly 9 months later with one New Vegas DLC released (Dead Money) and three more still to come (Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road) many wondered if Bethesda’s stance had changed on post-story DLC. After all ¾ of a year is a considerable amount of time for anyone to change their mind. Not to mention that the Honest Hearts story contains a character that has a complicated relationship with one of the main antagonists of Fallout: New Vegas. Sadly, even with all those factors in play there will be no post-game adventure

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GOODKyle2718d ago

I'm pissed about this situation. Playing after the story of a game has this feel that just makes the DLC more fun.

NukaCola2718d ago

Unlocking the ending allows for the game to keep going. Always worrying about accidently triggering a segment that will end all your hardwork is scary. This is stupid. They should of learned from FO3, that you should always unlock the end and level caps on the first go. They did this for PS3 DLC why are they repeating this again. Plus most people are maxed on leveling at the end, and the DLC should be made available after the level cap is increased. I hated that I was level 20 and played through two FO3 DLCs without earning any XP/.

ger1012718d ago

Oh, come ON! I haven't even completed the game yet because I thought they'd actually release some sort of Broken Steel-like DLC! Hell, I think I won't even play the game at all now.

This really is ridiculous!

jony_dols2718d ago

Well prior to the last mission, a box pops you to inform you thats its the last mission. Just save it at that point, and then continue on and complete the final level.

And whenever the new DLC comes along, just load up that final save and play the new content.

InfiniteJustice2718d ago

The biggest complaint fans had about Fallout 3 was that the game had an ending. Broken Steel got rid of the ending, but then Obsidian go ahead and do the exact same thing with New Vegas? Seems ridiculous

GOODKyle2718d ago

that would be one complex situation if you haven't dealt with House yet O.O

gcolley2718d ago

just means they sell less DLC. i have other games to play so it is their loss

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