A Growing Resistance To Next Generation Consoles

Geek Revolt writes "The Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 are old in tech years—a lot of gamers are ready for new consoles, when tablets and smartphones are starting to produce console quality graphics, there’s a problem. But there’s a vocal group of gamers that don’t want new consoles, they’d rather see the current generation continue. Today we’re going to explore in-depth if this is right, or if these gamers are being selfish—and holding the industry back."

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Max_Dissatisfaction3489d ago

I gotta admit, I'm not too keen on buying a new console just yet, I don't feel my consoles have been pushed to the max just yet. Maybe after Uncharted 3 I'll be satisfied

DeeZee3489d ago

Makes sense, I don't really see Naughty Dog releasing another Uncharted on the PS3. If they do, I think it'll be a spin-off or something, not Uncharted 4.

lociefer3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

im not ready for a new console too, also i think PSN and LIVE are making enough money for both companies to keep em happy, the only one that felt kinda weak in their online department was nintendo, i think they'll push their focus on online with their cafe thing

BattleAxe3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I don't want a new Playstation for at least another 2 1/2 - 3 years. I want to get the maximum amount of life out of both my PS3s, but if there are multi-platform games that come out that blow the doors off of any PS3 exclusives, then thats what I've got a high end PC and Steam for. I still believe that Sony's first party developers have some tricks up their sleeves to further optimize upcoming games. At the end of the day though, a good game is a good game, and all the next generation of consoles will do is improve graphics, nothing else. Socom 2 is a great example of a PS2 game that is better than most multi-player games that have come out this generation.

rockleex3489d ago

I want to see other smaller studios get a chance to catch up to THIS GEN first, before we move on to the next gen effectively hiking up production costs even more.

Which means, they'll likely charge more per game. Or have even less content on the disc, and more to be downloaded later as paid DLC.

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BeastlyRig3489d ago

if it can't run bf3 maxed with 64 players it's beyond pushed! I would like a new console 11/21/12..

Just_The_Truth3489d ago

and when the new consoles releases pc's will again be a generation above them unless console become upgradable they will always be out shined. It's better to just be happy with what you got.

BubbleSniper3489d ago

I don't need new console.. maybe, only a new GPU hehe

anyway this generation only startin to stabilize IMO

it would gone more smooth if PSN didnt get hacked for pathetic agenda

that said

1-2 years for new console that push barriers

money hungry companies will pushem out first

quality seekers will push hardware when perfected an etched in stone

is why i fascinated with console because it not as powerful as PC an yet we see things on console (notably PS3) that been compared to PC

i finally content with this gen, now that m$ don't have the big swing it used to have in beginning

Menech3489d ago

The PS3 was used to it's "max" year 3, it's just with clever game design and good developers they have managed to improve the other all visual appeal of games.

But trust me the PS3 is well and truly maxed out and has been for some time. If it wasn't maxed out explain the reasoning behind games like Uncharted 3 not being in 1080p and 60fps with X8AA.

Quite simply with the current hardware any decent visual improvements come at cost. Generally being either frame rate of resolution.

I don't get this culture of believe the PS3 has more to give it simply doesn't. Game developers will of course improve at using it's limited resources but that's the only reason games are looking better.

If your PS3 had more to give it would be your HD television holding the console back, as it standard the console can't even use the HD television it's hooked up to at it's native resolution.

GodGinrai3489d ago


I completly agree. people seem to forget there is only so much you can do with an old nvidia graphics chip and 512mb of ram. as good as Cell is...its not a miracle machine. I think when nintendo show off there next machine and it ends up with superior ports of everything, people will change there tune round here and beg for X720/PS4.

theonlylolking3488d ago

UC3 could be 60fps. If they got split screen and 3d to work with those graphics @30fps then they could get 60fps. Now I do not think they would get 8xAA or 1080p @ 60fps.

saladthieves3489d ago

I agree with you. It would be too early for a next generation of consoles to suddenly knock at our door next week. Things, at their current state, are expensive. Games cost $60 plus tax, which is quite frankly a lot of money. Next gen would bring in new consoles, which would be more expensive and the same goes for the games as well.

Developers however hold a different view from the people. Some developers want the next gen to be already here, such as DICE or Unreal Engine's developers.

Sarcasm3489d ago

I'm only ready for a new console just so that the tech catches up with PC's. At least then they would develop better PC games.

N4g_null3488d ago

Put simply you guys are the early adopters. Your not going to get ps2 level of third party support so I can understand your feeling of "and this is it for $6-500 this is fuvking it". I totally understand but you drunk the hype cool aid. The screens shots are nice but sub 30 frames game play suuuuuuuuucks.

Next gen will be the true hd gen the big n will even be there it will be like old times. It's like the snes Vs the ps2 Vs the 360 lol. It should be fun well at least the games will function correctly. I can believe what gamers put up with this gen.

I think the feeling is like being used a little. You guys thought it was hate but it was truth it's no wonder you don't want to start over.

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AngelicIceDiamond3489d ago

I dunno I'm ready for a brand new console to be honest.


I resist marginal advances with pricetags in excess of 450$ cdn
lots of great things left to do this gen.

Max_Dissatisfaction3489d ago

Project Cafe is 80% more powerful than 360...I don't know if thats enough to warrant a new generation for me

madjedi3489d ago

@max "Project Cafe is 80% more powerful than 360...I don't know if thats enough to warrant a new generation for me"

Really do you think nintendo is going to make their next console that powerful, nintendo is all about making profit on their hardware day one unlike sony and ms.

Shackdaddy8363489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Marginal advances? You call 8 years of technology advancement marginal? It's a lot. I think you underestimate the extent of technology at the present time...

When the new consoles come out they will be so much better than this gen.

Cosmit3489d ago

Ahh I'm 50/50 with a new generation. What I DON'T want is Sony/Microsoft rushing their next gen consoles because of Project Cafe. I want them to stay at their pace and both release their consoles at around the same time. But hopefully no later than 2013. Maybe late late 2012 is as early as I would want one. But even then I'll still be hesitant to buy a new console at launch because of all the problems it may have. And to be honest, people who wait to buy a new tech device usually get the better end of it unfortunately.

DA_SHREDDER3489d ago

what is there to rush? All the current gen consoles need is more RAM, and better gpu's. Why the heck do you guys wanna play on old hardware when by next gen we will be playing games that look like pc games on high resolution settings? Also, devs these days spend more resources and energy trying to squeeze juice out of the systems that we have now. Instead of trying squeeze juice from one orange, just buy the whole damn tree. Everyone wins, us, the devs, the publishers. It will stop games from taking so long to be made, might even stop crappy ports? Devs can concentrate on actually making games instead of wasting time, money, and most of all, stop wasting their lives.

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