PlayStation Network Disaster: Don't Give Up on Digital, Folks

IndustryGamers: In situations like this, it's easy for people to put up their walls and go with something more reliable (read: retail products they can feel, hold and account for). It could lead to a cooling effect on the digital sector of the industry, on PSN and also potentially on other online services like Xbox Live or Steam. Digital downloads are a huge part of the industry's future, and something like this event could prove disastrous to some smaller developers.

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M-Easy3140d ago

If given an option I will always buy physical over digital and that has nothing to do with the hacks. I can't take digital games with me, I can't sell them after I'm done and I can't display them prominently on my display shelf's.

Muerte24943140d ago

I personally agree. Not everyone has an internet connection. Developers would actually be narrowing their audience if they only did digital distribution. I like knowing that weather I have internet of not, I can still enjoy some of my favorite games. Sports games are the best example. You might want to take Madden/Fifa to a get-together and that person may not have internet. IF it were digital, you would be out of luck. Yet physical media isn't reliant on an internet connection to play.