IGN - Getting the Reboot

IGN - Details are beginning to emerge about the new Tomb Raider, and it's clear that the franchise is going in a new direction. One image, featured in Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, shows Lara Croft, but without her trademark baby blue tank top. She was bloodied on her knees with a recurve bow on her back.

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Uncharted3Goty3132d ago

i dont know how to feel about the Devil may cry reboot they have taken a huge risk by changing dante to who he is now and it doesnt look like capcom cares they should of left him or some one worth the Brand of Devil may cry they take him and changed him 100 percent.

Peaceful_Jelly3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I don't mind the changes but the new Dante design is just terribly lame. The hair, the face, not even the clothes... On top of that, he smokes like a ***.

I liked the art direction and music of the trailer but everything else was, meh. Specially that part where he is being interrogated.