Why RAGE is the FPS dark horse of 2011

Not excited about iD Software's upcoming FPS, RAGE? This is why you should be | FPS Tribe

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TotalPS3Fanboy3353d ago

RAGE might end up like Brink. Just like Brink when I first saw it, I am not seeing anything special about RAGE either. It may end up flopping too.

DarK-SilV3353d ago

I regret buying Brink ,this time I am not buying before I see some reviews

but this is id Softwar baby, so let hope it end up being great game

reynod3353d ago

True most games out these days are crap, and optimization is even worse.

Personally i am a PC gamer, I am not buying new games until they are on discount, bugs have been ironed out and mature drivers for those games are out to. Specially i refrain from buying games that come out with little to no graphics options at all.

lareka3353d ago

Man, when I`ve seen Brink`s videos first time, I said ``wow, it`s going to be a real good game ``. However, I was at E3 2010 and I was able to get my hands on it... Man it was not even close, it was a mediocre, maybe over average, 75 / 100 FPS game.

I was disappointed. But, RAGE is going to be different brother. It is ID`s main weapon, they can not fail. They did not fail - look at their resume - and they don`t have the luxury to fail. Why they don`t have. It`s been some time - since doom 3 i guess - that we didn`t see an ID game. They are back, hyping about it for this game for a long time and it won`t FAIL.

It is going to be a solid 85-88 points out of 100 FPS game for sure

Mark my words ;)

NukaCola3353d ago

Brink looked awesome but it's a Bethesda 3rd party game. Rember WET? or Rogue Warrior? Now Brink. Makes me worried, but I trust id enough that they will deliver. I mean it's fully id run, on idTech5. Looks like they are in control... But to EA is running Bioware now and DragAge2 was terrible. Look, we'll all pray it turns out good. I also hope Skyrim lives up to our hopes as well.

wsoutlaw873353d ago

Im definitely excited for rage. You can tell just by looking at the game play and developers that rage is not comparable to Brink. I always thought brink just looked more like a silly gimmicky game that wasn't taken very seriously. Rage seems more like a true AAA game.

macky3013353d ago

eh,.. dude ,... might not break any records and shit,.. It is from id,.. It will sell well and it will be a great game, period

Johandevries3353d ago

I am looking forward to it

TheColbertinator3353d ago

Rage has had massive hype since its announcement.I doubt its the dark horse of anything.The first new IP from id Software has received massive support these past 3 years

starchild3353d ago

It's not my most anticipated game, but I am definitely looking forward to it. I hope it has some substance and isn't just another arcade shooter.

HeavenlySnipes3353d ago

you barel see gameplay, and thee is no demo. You all flock to get the game, BAM!

It sucks :(

Unless there is a demo, for MP or SP, hold off until reviews come in. You know, unless its BAttlefield 3, Uncharted 3 or INFamous 2. Those games will be grerat no matter what :)

lareka3353d ago

And Rage is going to be great as well. It`s ID software man come on !! Just look at their resume. All thoese Dooms, Quakes...
Sure BF3, Uncharted 3 are guaranteed to be great but ID`s Rage is almost like that as well

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The story is too old to be commented.