Pre-order Ubisoft's Rocksmith and Get $25 Towards a Real Guitar

Ubisoft and Gamestop want you to rock in real life with a real guitar. Check out the details after the jump.

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ftwrthtx2720d ago

I'm not sure of the price of a real guitar, but it would be cool to have a guitar controller that was a real guitar. Not sure how that would work though.

cogniveritas2720d ago

Rocksmith does use real guitars as the controller. That's why the deal gives you $25 voucher toward a guitar center guitar.

I don't know how this will work. $25 isn't much for a quality guitar.

Nice idea though. I wonder if non-instrumental players of these kinds of games interested in fumbling with a real guitar and are real guitarists interested in plugging into a video game?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2720d ago

Not that you'd use a quality guitar for video game use though. My Aerodyne jazz bass cost 800 bucks. I guarantee you wont see it attached to my ps3.

ftwrthtx2720d ago

I'm very curious to see how this works. I'm not exactly musically talented, so this might just be unplayable for me.

ilikestuff2720d ago

im excited for it, ive been playing guitar for a little over a year and this might be a good practice tool

i agree with ya buddy, if i have a nice guitar it would not be plugged into my ps3, luckily for me i have a beginners guitar (that ive pretty much grown out of) that will be perfect for this game

Cosmit2720d ago

Damn really? It uses real guitars? That's awesome.

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guitarded772720d ago

I'm really not expecting much from this game, but I applaud the effort of them using real guitars as the controller... even if it is a novelty. Without major post launch support, I don't see it succeeding.

ftwrthtx2720d ago

But if you can't play a real guitar, is the game even playable?

guitarded772720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I pressed reply and it posted down here.

I did a write up on it with 3 of the demo videos from Ubisoft her The game looks more noob friendly, using single note guitar lines. I think actual guitar players may have just as hard of a time considering the game uses basic instruction and guitar players will want to play more by feel than note-count, note-count. Until I actually get my hands on it, I cannot say for sure, but I've been gaming for almost 30 years, and playing guitar for over 20, so I plan to do a write up on both perspectives. Previous music games have left me disinterested because they are flawed in their approach to actually handling and instrument, but actually using a real guitar interests me. Honestly, I really don't see this game being any different than a beginners instructional DVD which will turn off guitar players. But if it makes more people play I'm all for it.

ftwrthtx2720d ago

Nice article guitarded. The video do a good job of explaining it.