Castle Crashers Live PAX Video

Now I had a chance to play this game at PAX and it is so cool. It's called Castle Crashers and The Behemoth is making this one. You might remember them, they made the critically acclaimed Alien Hominid (which btw is coming to the Xbox Live Acrade this Fall). But this game is awesome, the graphics were beautifully cell shaded and the animations were great, and a ton of action going on while your playing. This game will be co-op with up to 4 buddys playing with you and its coming out early 2007 so keep an eye out for this one, I can promise you that you won't be dissapointed.

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omansteveo5872d ago

Dude i need this game this looks like so much fun

SDS Overfiend5871d ago

Go try out Dad and me and WWW.