5 Things we want in Battlefield 3

Battlefield was a huge hit last year for shooter fans that wanted a more realistic military experience. Of course it wasn't perfecting and things can be fixed/tweaked so here are a few things we would like to see in the upcoming Battlefield 3.

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JBaby3433341d ago

I like some of the ideas. It does take forever to rank up but I've seen plenty of people topped out.

The grenade down the tank hatch would be awesome for non-engineers but I think the spawn times of vehicles are about right. Faster spawn times would discourage gun battles for the vehicle whores.

The Medic class is far too accurate but it's only ever been a problem for me every once in a while. The bullet drop for snipers is PERFECT and I love the effect. It limits the number of snipers to a degree because it takes skill and timing plus gives the other soldiers a fighting chance instead of point and shoot.

Keep the squads as is.

Can't wait for Battlefield 3!!

Dee_Cazo3341d ago

I wanted slower spawn times for vehicles to increase more gunfights not faster. ;)

evrfighter3341d ago

I wouldn't mind an added deviation to bullet spread on the medic class. It ensures only the people that want to support their team are medics. Only the highly skilled shooters would be able to pull it off

SKUD3341d ago

COMMANDER MODE (PC)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chriski3333341d ago

i just want the game to be out now;]

khamvongsa093341d ago

"Larger Squads"

YES YES YES!!! 8 would be nice IMO but that would mean only two squads per team on consoles. Well whatever they do, I don't think 4 is enough..

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