What Ninja Gaiden 3 needs to accomplish

Gamer's Guide to, Monday 9th May 2011: With Tomonobu Itagaki gone and fans already lining up for its release, Ninja Gaiden 3 could be a huge turning point for its franchise. That's a lot of pressure to swallow. GGTL writer Andrew Whipple III discusses what he believes Team Ninja needs to do with the game in order for it to succeed with gory, flying colours.

GGTL: "Ninja Gaiden is the bread and butter of violent gaming. It's the model action game that's so fluid to control that it makes your excuses for dying that much harder to swallow (when it doubt, you can blame that damned Black Spider Clan). That's why we're focusing on what Team Ninja needs to do with Ninja Gaiden 3 - because the last thing anybody needs is another excuse to demolish their fourth controller by hurling it against the wall in frustration."

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Antholex3140d ago

Some nice ideas there, interesting to see if any of them appear in Ninja Gaiden 3.

Yi-Long3140d ago

... that was the reason why I never picked up Sigma 2.

AngelicIceDiamond3140d ago

I'll tell you who they need as a playable character Hayate or Ein...aww man he'll be so sick too karate punchin demons all they back down to hell lol.

tehpees33140d ago

"What Ninja Gaiden 3 needs to accomplish"

blood & boobs

Uncharted3Goty3140d ago

Blood check and Boobs check it looks like we have everything it needs

Scyrus3140d ago

Game just needs a better story, oh and KASUMI! gameplay is already amazing

Tzuno3140d ago

Sincerely the difficulty is outrageous.

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