CNET: Sony may have headed off planned weekend attack

A group of hackers that planned an attack against Sony's servers this weekend was unable to execute its plan. publication of the group's plan may have caused Sony to secure the remaining servers this group claims it had access to, shutting off any avenues for another attack.

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movements4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

There was no planned attack. Just propaganda on CNET's part:

Also, the reports claiming PSN won't be up till the end of the month are also false. Sony already said the FIRST PHASE will see PSN online, then other services later in the month....PSN could be up today!

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chriski3334341d ago

Can we please just have our PSN back on please! !!

rockleex4341d ago


Although Microsoft is infamous for their shady business tactics, they definitely would not risk being held liable for the breach of one of their main competitors.

RedDragan4341d ago

Why is it so difficult to track people through IRC?

And shouldn't gaming websites be held as "Accomplice to Crime" if they fail to immediately report the IRC to the FBI for investigation and actually give the enforcement a chance to track them as they use it?

pixelsword4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

Red, it's a little dangerous to hold sites that responsible for other people's actions. Not only would that require constant oversight and monitoring, but in time (as the way of some things go) people who are upset and merely venting could wind-up being arrested for something that they were never actually planning to execute (the net is full of people who talk big and may or may not have the knowledge/skills to carry out what they propose).

That is called a "thought crime".

I would not like to sow the seeds of such a thing like that to the wind, if you follow me.

I would like to see the PSN up as much as the next guy (currently having MAG withdraw myself), but I prefer at most that if someone sees it that they would be a Good Samaritan and a good netizen and at least give Sony a detailed e-mail warning. If Sony themselves brushes you off then it's their fault if the act actually happens; if they don't, then let the law enforcement handle it AFTER a crime has been committed.

Sarick4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

To bad Sony japan announced when PSN should really as well. This is what people are starting expect on the internets these days. There are a lot of rumors and propaganda flying around. It's apparent even reputable are sources relaying them for hits.

Yea look at this link May 31st? (warning not work suitable)


Today you don't know who to trust.

DaTruth4341d ago

The element of surprise is an advantage no adversary should throw away!

Ice4341d ago

In other news, I just download patch 1.03 for Mass Effect 2 on the PSN when booting up the game and it downloaded the whole thing try for yourself. Hopefully this is a sign it will be up soon. (I had not downloaded the patch before as I got the game while the network was down)

Soldierone4341d ago

Patches work for all games. As far as I know its game already with patches. They download from the game companies servers, they just need to trigger when the game tries to access the internet.

Only thing I am unsure of is if new patches will work. Since BRINK supposedly needs a major one.

Redempteur4341d ago

Patches for games are on séparate servers out of the PSN and work even when the PSN is under maintenance. patches never stopped to work.

Patches for PSN aren't on the game companies servers , they are on the sony servers .
as for mass effect 2 , they aren't any news patches IN teh game from the regular version on 360 it has teh same bug , biowaredidnot fix and new ones thank to the new graphical engine .( these bugs were fixed in the update )

Legion4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

Are you sure it wasn't aliens? The likely scenario is that Aliens are preparing for a big attack and this is a way to get our younger population into an agitated confused state prior to the big attack... who knows more how defend the earth then gamers?

Either that or Obama had something to do with this... I am sure that this is all just a government ploy to keep the attention away from the fake killing of Usama (note the FOX news spelling).

And surely this hack allowed Obama a chance to sneak in his own team into the Hawaiian data bases and create a fake Birth certificate for the masses to see.

That and SOny is a Japanese company and our government is just trying to keep non-US companies from getting a firm hold in the US of A.

But the most likely scenario is that Hollywood is complisent in the whole hack attack. Seeing all the revenue being taken away from the movie industry and boosting gaming revenue over theater revenue has made the Screen (Film) Actors Guild worry about their future and what might possibly lead them to an Anonymous face behind their voice in a gamers future versus being seen on the big screen. Ultimately this whole thing is more then likely the fault of The White Shadow. Always the White Man keeping the Japanese man down!

<Insert your conspiracy theory here>

kaveti66164341d ago

The retards above have resorted to once again blaming Microsoft for everything.

"I just dropped a glass in my kitchen. Hey, maybe Microsoft was responsible."

"There's gum under my shoe. I bet Microsoft planted it there. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft is responsible for all the problems in the world."

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testerg354341d ago

LOL.. you guys are funny.

Phoenix764341d ago

LOL 'it was MS who where behind it' lol. That would be highly unlikely and quite conter-productive really. think about what u say before u post and make urselfs look like 1st class twats!!!!
MS has nothing to do with it for the most obvious and simplest reasons..... they need game's for their console and the makers of games need as many copys sold as possible otherwise they go bust and then u and everyone else watches the slow painful dimise of all game consoles as a whole.
Welcome to the wonderful world of business logistics!!

skrug4341d ago

It would mean that more people will have to buy 360 if they want to game, if PS went under. Or another company can come in (apple?)
so your point is moot.

ConstipatedGorilla4341d ago

I highly doubt a company as big as Microsoft is willing to commit federal crime just to take a little business away from Sony. Pure nonsense.

Soldierone4341d ago

Oh god...iStation with yearly releases...the industry would be ruined.

skrug4340d ago

I would hate to see that. lol

Treyb3yond4341d ago

Words can't describe how much I hate hackers.

mcstorm4341d ago

So from what has been said here today Apple are behind virus stacks on windows os or Nokia were behind the virus attacks on wimo a few years ago or MySpace is hacking Facebook. Come on people wake up just because MS and Sony are going head to head in the console market dose not mean they don't work together on other products. For example Sony make windows pc's. This was done by a group of people who are trying to make a name for them selfs but at a time like this no matter if your a an boy or not gamers should stick togeter against people like this as they are stopping us gamers from doing what we like to do most and that is play games.

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