PS3 Brink release unaffected by PSN hack

Brink will be released on PS3 across the UK this Friday, as planned - presumably without online multiplayer.

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Excalibur2721d ago

Of course not but I bet the PS3 sales will be dismal.

ddurand12721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I am holding off on buying this until the network is back. I would have bought this at gamestop today. Finals week just ended and i sold all my books back.

The price will go down by then hopefully.

joydestroy2721d ago

i work with a guy who said the same.
that he would've gotten it but will hold off until the PSN is back up. my point to him, though, was that ranking up in SP transfers across all modes so when he finally gets on my dude is gonna be nuts in comparison lol and i told him i will demand playing it on hard as i do with any co-op game

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dead_eye2721d ago

Day 1 for me lol. I just hope psn isn't down much longer.

I think the fact that they made online and offline seamless really helped them with this.

Active Reload2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

"Who wants to play badly optimised multiplats on the PS3."

People who don't have a 360 or PC?

Edit: Disagreers, did I O...ffend?

n4gisatroll2721d ago


seriously...leave this place your more annoying because your acting like a fanboy, a sony fanboy, but we all know your an xbox fangirl. so chill out, and do something thats not as annoying as you are now.

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zeal0us2721d ago

look @ MK, it sold better on the ps3 than the 360 version with no psn. but then again shooters biggest selling point is the online multiplayer, then psn suppose to be up by may 31 hopefully the game can survive until then.

Nicaragua2721d ago

Mortal kombat is a bad example since when it was released everyone thought the psn being offline was going to be a matter of hours/days rather than weeks.

Dlacy13g2721d ago

@Excalibur... I totally agree. Hell, PS3 owners are almost better waiting to buy this game once the PSN comes up for sure. I bet they may even find it new for a bit cheaper at that time...

I say this only becuase this game is HIGHLY geared toward multiplayer.

antz11042721d ago

Yet at the same time everything you do in SP tranfers over to multi. Plus many retailers have deals on this game this week for release (ie Walmart/Kmart)

I guess it comes down to how much you want this. Then again the ppl that really want it already preordered it to get the preorder bonus packs.

Headquarters112721d ago

Actually I'll wait til it goes on sale. Judging by how quickly games like MK, Crysis 2, and Portal 2 dropped in price. It shouldn't be too long.

Its shame that these devs are gonna lose money for Sony's fuck up though.

Hopefully they get the network back up soon.

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AngelicIceDiamond2721d ago

No offense but I would be super pissed if they delayed brink because of the PSN bein out thank god thats not the case.

antz11042721d ago

True that man. I would think that the single player would keep people very entertained until the network comes back up.

AliC2721d ago

Hopefully the PSN will be back this week, fingers crossed and everyone can get back to normality and back to fragging n00bs.

Neo Nugget2721d ago

At least it isn't online only. Now that would have been a bummer.

ddurand12721d ago

true, but one of the main features of this game is an online single player.

Neko_Mega2721d ago

Yeah, plus it gives PSN users time to level up and get their characters looking the way they want.

Max_Dissatisfaction2721d ago

Lol, because being online means that option is taken away from you right?? Ha ha ha. Come on man. Talk about PR pro

ddurand12721d ago

Money > character customization and xp

Neko_Mega2721d ago


Troll to someone that cares and same go's for the four other people that disagree. Don't be mad when you get beated by a girl on this game.

Uncharted3Goty2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

i wonder how the players who play MAG feel about that

Neo Nugget2721d ago

....or Warhawk. *grits teeth*

M-Easy2721d ago

If this was last year when I was literally addicted to MAG I would have gone crazy. I feel for those players now.

nikrel2721d ago

This is why Brink has a massive advantage with the single player to multi-player progression. I'm picking this up for the PC this time, first time i've picked up a PC Shooter in years.

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