Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review (GameFront)

GameFront, "The previous two PS3 Motorstorm games were in a class all their own, and I wouldn’t insult them by directly comparing them to anything but each other. In the arcade racer genre, they were peerless. (Sorry, Criterion.) That isn’t exactly the case with Apocalypse, though, which, while sill awesome and a worthy entry in the Motorstorm franchise, isn’t totally fresh the way its predecessors were and are."

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Focker4203136d ago

The game is incredible. So many jaw dropping wtf moments. I'd say my favorite race so far is the boardwalk. Which is a pier by the ocean thats getting ripped apart by a hurricane. Its a very intense race and the atmosphere is just amazing.

HeavenlySnipes3136d ago

Does it have splitscreen versus with bots? That'd be fun, like Midnight club back on the PS2

hstick1133136d ago

Yeah it has up to 4 player split screen with bots and then 2 player split screen online i believe...

bobtheimpaler3136d ago

This is an awesome game and is worthy of the score, but what I miss from previous entries is how your car would gradually become dirty and how mud and dirt would get on the windscreen. Also how tracks in the mud were nice and thick and they would stay there for the entire race and kick up mud as you drove. It added so much to the immersion.

Sadly, I think such things are missing because of the desire to make these games 3D compatible.

willie323136d ago

I miss all the mud and dirt too. The first Motorstorm had the best mud ever! However, I enjoy this game the best.

undercovrr3136d ago

I'm loving this game so far, anyone interested for a race hook me up when psn gets back online