Portal 2 on Consoles Estimated to Have Sold 2.2 Million in U.S. During April

Portal 2 has been off to a good start both critically and commercially. Valve's follow-up to the original hit title, which has sold around 4 million worldwide (excluding digital Steam sales), has been estimated to have sold 2.2 million boxed copies on consoles in the U.S. for NPD's April reporting period, according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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user83971442721d ago

I wonder which version sold the most.

Corepred42721d ago

Doesn't matter, this game deserved every sale plus more. This game is really entertaining and funny. So far it has my vote for GOTY.

Kran2721d ago

According to data, the 360 version sold the most.

Mortal Kombat is the reason why it didnt sell as much on the PS3.

NYC_Gamer2721d ago

does it really matter?the game is successful regardless

CernaML2721d ago

"The PS3 version of the game had been considered superior because PS3 gamers could play online co-op..."


Anyway, incredible sales. Deserves every one. Let's hope L.A. Noire can top the charts when that releases as well.

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ATiElite2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

""The PS3 version of the game had been considered superior because PS3 gamers could play online co-op..."

*too bad the dam network has been down since release day*

The PC version is the superior version.....because CO-OP actually works cross platform with Mac (360 owners are left to play w/ themselves and PS3 owners can't play w/ anybody right now). Sony needs to really fix that crap.

Portal 2 is gonna do 5 million easy. Another Job well done by Valve.

PC version will get mods! Anyway it's the same game on 4 platforms. there is NO superior version unlike Battlefield 3 which we all know "PC The way it's meant to be played"

skrug2721d ago

actually the PS3 version is the best, because you also get the PC version.

LunaticBrandon2721d ago

or you could pay $10 less and get only the superior version.

RBLAZE19882721d ago

That's retarded...why wouldn't you pay 10 dollars more and get a game that you can play on the superior pc and on ps3 as well? Also @ ATIelite I played co-op the day the game released and I played co-op with someone on steam the next day from psn...the psn got shut down 2 days after release but I guess you're on the sony hate so it's ok to get facts wrong...PS3 version is superior to the 360 and it's a shame that brain dead hackers decided to punish users more than they did sony

skrug2721d ago

How did i get disagrees? -___-

if you'll saying the PC is the best version, then it would mean the PS3 is the best version, since it COMES WITH PC VERSION.

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Dojan1232721d ago

The only reason why I have not gotten it yet is because the PSN is still down. I want to play with my friends on Steam (PC) while I am on the PS3.

I noticed the price already dropped by $10 at Target this weekend. I believe the PSN being down has hurt the Portal 2 sales.

P_Bomb2721d ago

It's $20 off at Future Shop this week, both console versions. I don't usually see price drops that big so soon after release. I wonder which retailers are making up the bulk of sales?