40 Minutes of Resistance 3 Multiplayer Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: It appears that someone has uploaded over forty minutes of Resistance 3 multiplayer gameplay.

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Focker4203132d ago

For an off-screen cam that looks amazing. Definitely the best multiplayer footage to date.

Active Reload3132d ago

" Definitely the best multiplayer footage to date."

For Resistance 3?

BiggCMan3132d ago

Your lady friend is a bit annoying. She thinks Resistance 2 sucked, that is stupid. Otherwise, it was good footage, I look forward to this game.

PR_FROM_OHIO3132d ago

WOW Resistance 3 is looking super fun!!!!!!!

BushLitter3132d ago

Can't wait...PS3 is looking sweet this year, except of course know what
Still have to get a hold of Resistance 2. There are a lot of platinum versions around but I'm looking for a original. Platinums are an eyesore
Won't touch 3 till I'm done with 2

SCW19823132d ago

That bitch needs to shut the hell up!

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