Meet the Coaches of UFC Personal Trainer in new Trailer

THQ is continuing to push the fitness genre with UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System.

Featuring dozens of official routines, moves, equipment and fighters, many of which are exclusive to the Kinect version of the game, it's a fitness game both men and women can really embrace that takes advantage of many of Kinect's unique features.

The game will be available July 1st, check out the new trailer.

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Venom2152719d ago

this is a waste of a game. if you wanna go get fit go hit the gym. dont go buy a video game and expect to loose weight.lmfao

FrogLobby2719d ago

Wait... you're saying people DON'T lose weight exercising at home? What a dumb thing to say. Whilst a gym is a great way to complement your exercise schedule, most people don't have the time or need to go daily, so doing a routine in the house is far more convenient and certainly better than sitting around (and, in this case, far from interactive and compelling than a fitness DVD).

Venom2152719d ago

or teach you how to fight....

BX812719d ago

Now that's a hater! You left the 1st and 2nd comment!

mac_attack2718d ago

Wife's gotten in great shape playing dance central, I'm likin that ;)

Looking forward to the reviews on this software for both of us.