COD Modern Warfare 3 date - report

EG writes: "Eurogamer has heard from multiple sources that the new Call of Duty game, thought to be Modern Warfare 3, will launch on 8th November 2011."

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Convas2718d ago

Gaah. I'm sick of hearing about when we'll be hearing about the possible announcement of the announcement announcing an announcement about Modern Warfare 3.

Either post the official news or shut up. Activision is obviously playing with it's cards VERY close to it's chest this time around.

xstation792717d ago

If your sick of it stop coming into these articles about it then. Not too hard of a problem to solve

iamnsuperman2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Maybe at Gametrailers but that's about it

alousow2717d ago

in your dreams. GOTY will be Uncharted 3 no doubt

Blacktric2717d ago

Or Skyrim... Or Arkham City... Or Deus Ex: Human Revolution... Or...

fluffydelusions2717d ago

Or Diablo 3 if it releases this year.

madcowz642717d ago

This is gonna suck, New CoD, Battlefield 3 and Skyrim my wallet will hate me.

Archmagel2717d ago

Ugh...I'm tired of CoD garbage. I want the true shooter details, Battlefield 3.

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